Tall Blonde. story is continued in the comment section. File: mfw. Qng (160 KB, 300x200) D Anonymous (ID: 1 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 01: 17 No. 554132502 F Alright, tall blonde 4Chan greentext funny
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Tall Blonde

Tall Blonde. story is continued in the comment section. File: mfw. Qng (160 KB, 300x200) D Anonymous (ID: 1 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 01: 17 No. 554132502 F Alright,

story is continued in the comment section

File: mfw. Qng (160 KB, 300x200)
D Anonymous (ID: 1 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 01: 17 No. 554132502 F
Alright, sit down faggots. It' s story time.
years old, beta as fuck
friend was a potato who talked about nothing but Dragonball Z
covered in acne, and had a killer
of social interaction causes me to give inanimate objects personalities
sheer sight of me made pussy drier than the Sahara
out most of my teen angst by fapping, listening to Linkin Park, and rollplaying sex on Roblox
Whanted more than anything to fuck the tall blonde girl from room 12
Append a good amount of time crying about her on /bl
tells me to "Grow a pair and ask her to fuck you faggot nigger"
Suecide to do just that
next day at school, she' s alone on the swingset
swoop in to make my move
Llooking like a badass with my Heelys and 'put on your cool face' tee shirt
What do you want anon"
can' t speak
You' re such a freak get out of here"
brilliant pick up line vanishes, and is replaced with a disaster
You have smokin' tits, honey. I wanna strip you down and your pussy with my mayonase"
flick my tongue between my Fingers
slaps me
start sobbing
Eeveryone points and laughs
Look at him. He' s such a fucking creep"
arun home with tears down my face
C) Anonymous (ID: i 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 03: 00 No. 554132638 F
t want to look like an idiot in front of my mom,
in the shower as a coverup
water is nice and warm, and calms me down almost instantly.
sstop crying, and get on the computer
bl must know of my tragedy
ccan' t post
Funderage B&
was bragging about being 13 what did I expect
tall blonde girls picture in last years yearbook
Append the next couple of days photoshopping her head onto various popstars and fapping to that
Eevery time I feel like shit, I get back in the shower
this point the shower is like a sanctuary
ddon' t even turn on the water
sit, and talk to myself
Append 4 to 5 hours a day in the shower
have a seperate bathroom so no one really cares
t even really care about /bl anymore, shower is a much better listener
start to develop a personality for the shower over the next few months
understands my problems and always has the right advice
is kind, sweet and always warm
is beautiful, with polished tiles and shiny metal
is everything I wanted tall blonde girl to be
day I notice something
is leaking
Stripping warm water
bite my lip
s wet
C) Anonymous (ID: i 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 04: 23 No. 554132763 F
nice and quiet for a few moments, to make sure no one is home
my shirt off and slide closer
Sgently put a Finger inside the faucet
llt' s tight
shut my eyes and make little moaning noises to enchance the experience
the water on just a little bit
s really dripping now
a second Finger in and go a little faster
Oh anon, I' m gonna cum"
my face under the facked and turn the water on full
pours over my face
llt' s scorching hot but I don' t care
burn are worth pleasing the only one who understands me
cum in the process
of us are breathing heavilly.
are in love
the upper nozzle on and she cleans me off
this for a few weeks
blonde girl doesn' t even exist anymore
alone for 2 hours
wants to go all the way
a screwdriver from my dads tool kit
a rubber glove from my mom
Pstart unscrewing the drain cap
A.. anon, are you sure you want to do this?"
Yes Roxanne, I am"
fucking named my shower Roxanne
the rubber glove in the drain
on the faucet a bit
s wet and ready
C) Anonymous (ID: i 07/ 01/ 14( Tue) 10: 05: 40 No. 554132890 F
slide my 2 inch 13 year old cock into her hole
Oh Anon... you' re so big"
Sgently sliding in and out
Feinger her faucet while I fuck her
can' t wait to tell all the kids at school I lost my virginity
loud obnoxious moaning nosies, seeing as no one was home
after about 3 minutes
orgasm I had ever had
it out and kiss along her pretty white tiles
Was it good for you darling?"
Yes, Anon. I came twice."
cleans me off again, and I lie down in her tub for an hour
chear my parents coming home
screw on the drain cover, and hide the screwdriver and glove behind the toilet
back to Roblox, no one suspects a thing
and I grow closer
Beamed to be quiet, fucking two or three times a night
year goes by, and I pop the question
turn on the upper nozzle
s crying
re engaged
put a mood ring on her towl hook
years go by
routine over and over
did a good job
from a 1 to about a 7
hair turned straight and dark, my zits dried up, and my 2 inch pinch grew into a solid 6. 5
have to use shampoo to slide in the glove
doesn' t mind, she loves when I split her wide
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