Storytime with /b/. . We 59144 KB. 500x500. D Anonymous 03/ 11/ 55 or No 505475204 Sht Fuck Apocalypse A Journey" So 1 am downthere packer my urethra, when sudd 4chan random b s
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Storytime with /b/

We 59144 KB. 500x500.
D Anonymous 03/ 11/ 55 or No 505475204
Sht Fuck Apocalypse A Journey"
So 1 am downthere packer my urethra, when suddenly 1 sneeze Flest the paw was horable, and secondly 1 managed to both my wk and ass
So 1 sht, and so my one yearold nephew So 1 am clean everyting up. some ewe
Well 1 must orgone the baby, and my dexterwho was napping down the stales You my paws when 1 am name to clean setup, comfort a baby, and get
dressed before my sister opens the door
Well that was when thigs started to get wand
D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 13 59 No 505477212 seems »' 7575
We ', 1200x1491, Fuckbag)
so that was when sht started to getted
laas cleaing up and tryingto keep my one yearold Well that was been cleaing upthe
shound wth my bluejeans
Needless to say 1 would have already That was when 1 notced 1 had been had naperoo on
How Fuckr' , and hear my sister fasten upthe stews Quckly 1 boss the saled bluejeans outline winnow, and put outline we
lyoto cradle my nephew when to my horror 1 see the paw 1 had Just tossed my nephew outline winnow
That was % t
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D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 14 02 45 No 505477575 Reyna »'
We ' KB, 500x500, Apocalypseman)
so 1 realied 1 had
My sister comm] upthe stas, by all accounts murdered my nephew so 1 do when 1 see an old 'My Buddy" doll smear l wth shound
a baby blanket
Jumpin bennie the use some talcum powder's hde all the smells, but Instead l explodes smokey powder so my and whathe
smoke Mme we, andthe has of baby perm
as 1 corn‘/ herto make a run tbr l so she no outline door, than 1 make a mad leap outline winnow anuspirate attempt to venue my nephew
wen 1 land face hast 17110015 sht covered 'My Buddy" doll, and l ends up my face a shtty becomes grey against the talc
Andthe start to take a turn ibroke wows
D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 14 0516 No 505477986 Reyna »
We 1372922775431 - KB, 1285x1285, Smt_ Fuck_ Apocalypseman)
ms was when thigs took a turn tbr the wows
win see that old Mrs Patterson rom down the streetcar my nephew Shes wacking around the 1 begitu pursue them wen the screams Ma Mme
quckly me to we someing to cover my shtty nudey
wen the access my shed, and so 1 make a breakbeat we neigbor 1 am aghast, a smokey whte tra/ whatdoes Mme to
wen 1 burst 17110015 bow shed and some around my dck and ass my a large can a space heater my had
let Cunning
Andthe was when my problems really started
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D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 14: 10 45 No 505478589 Reyna »
We ' KB, 275x275, jpg)
ms was when my problems really started
Now the bow shed had erupted names, wth the we onlyroll ext so 1 quckly iook around and we an we wood ax
Unfortunately, myweb to break we wen itsjust ends up thigs smokey, winch all but baines me 1710151001 shed 1 tankiest and (made potayto break
down the opposite wall holday
we problem that the process 1 keep gammy face wth broken , whch causes me to babe my tongue me All tbr ad aome out as retard
manage to smash my way out Mme bow bame to see Mrs Patterson handing my nephew's teacer
Andthe starlings! a Mme absurd
D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 14: 14 No 505478993 Reyna »
We 1378923248884 _ KB, 1083x1200, my Mpg)
ms was absurd
so 1 manage to crawl naynay out the shed when my head got caught on an errant holday decorator, wen l turns out l was Turkey , but 1
ddnt know that as 1 used the ax to hack the rest of my way out
we problem 1 am as 1 tnp onthe way out and end up Cunning towards a poke Mrs Patterson , covered sht, moee sht,
talc, & e loincloth, feathers on my head; all / e hoang an poms
But thigs , because no bennie me cop was able to hung my ass down wth teaser blast, but not mime 1 acidentally leggo Mme
Andthe was when sht got unbelivable
D Anonymous 09/ 11/ ) 14: 24 No 505479375
We 1372923444750 ' KB, 400x412, And Dole no Dotjpg)
ms was when the unbelivable happened
wen the ax Mrs Patterson' s head by a , englands squarely between the eyes Ma Chest Our saw Statue at the nearby school
ghostisaho cop tryingto comfort her
we department arrives, as well as artical news crew we news was dang a story onthe hast anneversary / 11 embarrassed
Mont Mme town, and my Mn/ y
on 1 am known as The Mad / 11'
neither mm) 5115473993
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