Saw this while browsing /gif/. I was browsing /gif/ and then i saw this... xD. Li Anonymous 621 No. 51 30 043 Replies: : - some Alright, Iwon‘ t bothering with  incest lel WTF 4Chan
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Saw this while browsing /gif/

I was browsing /gif/ and then i saw this...

Li Anonymous 621 No. 51 30 043 Replies: : - some
Alright, Iwon‘ t bothering with more of Bid sis so I' ll give you mom' s story.
17th June HIDE
chears since dad passed away
Fjamily gathering to mourn dad
staying to see underskirt on all female family members
Nighttime, everyone has left
voom is drunk
ssne comes into my room
Anon, miss him?
Ofcourse I do mum"
LI miss nimrod"
One day we will all see him again" christianfag
You know... you know... You look so much like him"
Ween, you could use his ID to buy alcohol"
she was trying really hard to lighten upthe moment, but itjust reminded her more
smom starts crying, lays in my bad, passes out
look at her in my bed and dont really know what to do
Suecide to peek her underskirt
ddamn pantyhose
snaake mom to see ifone awakes
meant. so I remove her pantyhose
We taken the panties with when it reaches her knee
take italys off
Spread her legs and just look
About 20 minutes passed where I wasjust looking at her pussy and buttcrack and masturbating to it
a finger in, she' s pretty wide compared to sis
sputtered fingers in
lipread vagoo look better
stake fingers out and put one in mom' s butt
wakes up
WTF anona."
zelaps me
Tm sorry'
Li Anonymous 5: 23 No.
Do you realise what you are doing?"
Mom, Tltr
A bit fed up after old sis, dont really know the whole "Incest is a sin" thing
voom cries again
Mom I' m sorry'
Dent worry anon, I knoll havent really helped you much understanding how youtubing works, so how long have you been, masturbating?"
Accidentally mention old sis' s name
anonette..." Realise I dun goofed
Anonette who?‘
Anonette... Jameson, she' s a classmate ofline"
****** saved
Talkier about ‘In minutes more
voom leaves
Yeah anona"
Why dont women like it in the butt?"
Mom signes and sits next to me and has the whole talk about how pussy is the genital, just like my dick andthe butt is a nono place
Wihile she was talking I was masturbating in front whole time
rreally awkward for her, she kept looking down on him, back in my eyes, and down again
cum and it goes on her dress
ssne gulps
Letme tellyou anon"
swipes the sperm of my dick
was really feeling him up while doing so
sperm wiped clean
Dent stop, please"
She was re ally awkward but she didnt stop
Can I cum inside you?"
What do you mean?"
Like... In doitpussy'
walks out me and doesnt say a word
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Submitted: 02/27/2014
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da 						****					?
da **** ?
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