PokeMart (enlarge). Another exciting day in the world of Pokemon.. MI Anonymous (ID: ) aei/ 46/ 12( Wed) til II Itll File: -( 82 KB, 493x476, trouth_ jpg} into
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PokeMart (enlarge)

Another exciting day in the world of Pokemon.

MI Anonymous (ID: ) aei/ 46/ 12( Wed) til II Itll
File: -( 82 KB, 493x476, trouth_ jpg}
into pokemart
to the right of me buying repels
acute girl at the counter asks ifi need help
In approach and say "t came here for some burn heat._. but after catching a view of you Fm going to also need smite Paralyz Heal bceause
u a just tee stunning!"
smiles_. gives me her Pokegear number tell me call her later,
ggo heme reflect on day
enext day call pokemart girl
agrees go out to movies with me
ecstatic I begin preparing spaghetti and stuff it in my fanny pack to share with her later
gget to movie, theater is empty
ttry being alpha and I decided to make my metre
at lean ever to give pokegirl a passionate kiss and in the midst spaghetti liberates itself from unzipped fanny pack and ente pokegirls lap
Noll Not again!
frantically try scraping pasta eff pokegods lap and transfer it to mine to hide my raging boner
tthe force is tee strengt
My errection has he problem freeing itself through the needler mess and breaks through my zipper with the power of a thousand machamps_
awe embarrassing ...penisbutt keeps growing __ean' t stop it
apenis tilting reem taking up valuable oxygen
Hell I have her
begin to cry
aall ell this because of stupid spaghetti
tthe smell of tears schmegma and pasta are overwhelming
start spewing vomit. ..
addmit hits pokegod
disgusted, she vomits en my dick,
apenis begins subsiding ._
pokegirls hands morph into bear claws,
Heel: at whale number..
pokegod is an
1‘ -_.blaws penis eff
movie ends..
gget up from seat...
say goodbye,
amen the deer.
gget on the floor,
everybody walk the dinosaur
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Submitted: 05/16/2012
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#3 - creaturecat (06/22/2012) [-]
i hate that **** with the ****** dinasaur funny though
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