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#165 - anonymous (03/15/2012) [-]
true /b/tard here.
haven't been on this website in 2-3 years.
Let me say this: out of all the cancerous websites this is the best one.
Living up to my name, I'm staying anonymous because for two reasons
1. I'm from /b/, it's my name.
2. I fucking forgot my password.
Plus /b/ isn't what you think it is... well it has a couple of good threads but its mostly a bunch of neckbeards debating over something or someone trying to shoot a load off. And on rare ocasions you get gore threads, CP, and then there's the cancer. Rage comics and meme faces. I'm not judging you guys, but seriously if you go on /b/ and post that shit I'll come to your house slit your throat and rape your warm squirting neck. Seriously, majority of us don't give a shit about it being on websites like this. And it's not funny... "Le me gusta, le lol, le trololol". It's not funny to the /b/tards that aren't cancer. We don't give a shit if you stay, but please just stay out of /b/ (or don't post that shit in it ever).
~David Davidson.
User avatar #185 to #165 - manderakaco (03/15/2012) [-]
Why to stay anonymous douche
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