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#20 - mrmcput
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(01/11/2013) [-]
> At the checkout line in the grocery store
> Women with only a few items gets in line behind me.
> I can feel my manhood stiffen as a smile creeps across my face at this perfect opportunity for oppression.
>"Excuse me miss" I say.
> She looks up at me, and when she realizes what I am about to do, a look of absolute terror covers her face.
> "Please, no sir" she begs as tears well up in her eyes.
> I ignore her pleas "I noticed you only had a few items and..."
> "PLEASE, NO!!!" she screams.
> "You may go ahead of me." I say, my triumph complete.
> By now she is sobbing uncontrollably, between gasps she manages to say "Thank you sir"
> I give her my most winning smile and say "It was a privilege."