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User avatar #38 - gammajk (01/15/2014) [-]
>be me
>be a socially awkward recluse in school
>never even get close to having a girlfriend
>get out of school
>only talk to people when i have to at work
>no gf in sight
#235 to #38 - anon (01/16/2014) [-]
I recommend lifting, it builds self-confidence; dress to impress as well. It sucks, but money does really help. Don't use a ****** phone, it can be embarrassing, especially now that a lot of girls are into pics and selfies. A decent car is also a plus, but that depends on where you live. Where I live normal/average people drive, but in places like New York or Japan people walk, train, bus, etc. to their locations. As for lifting, eating right automatically goes along with it. A great body will boost your self-confidence and if for some reason your amazing body doesn't get the bitches, you'll look amazing, feel amazing: both physically and mentally, and living longer is also a pretty good bonus.
User avatar #249 to #235 - jacksipian (01/16/2014) [-]
i have one of the original motorola razrs, its a good conversation starter and it has helped break the ice so i could get a few dates before, so as long as you dont have a really old or stupid looking phone, it won't be too bad.
#364 to #249 - ryderjbudde (01/17/2014) [-]
I have a crappy phone and I dropped it once when it was cold and it literally broke the ice. zomg wtf lol rofl gtfo kk g2g ttyl xoxo<3 1337 XXXDDD this whole site is on drugs
User avatar #370 to #364 - jacksipian (01/17/2014) [-]
i dont know, that spoiler makes me more inclined to think you're on drugs
#313 to #249 - anon (01/16/2014) [-]
You're right. I wouldn't classify a razr as a ****** phone, I meant more along the lines of those crappy pre-paid phone. Pre-paid phones aren't that bad; they get the job done, but they aren't exactly the most attractive devices.
User avatar #354 to #313 - jacksipian (01/16/2014) [-]
oh yeah, it's tough to impress someone when you have one of those, you look like you have to ask your mom permission to call someone with one those lol
User avatar #130 to #38 - ryderjbudde (01/16/2014) [-]
get cooler hair bruh
do u even product?
User avatar #123 to #38 - jamesisnotreal (01/16/2014) [-]
awh dude... that just made me tear up a little bit i know your not looking for pity or anything, but thats horrible
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