I don't think I'm gay.. Normal people, normal people everywhere. Cliton' t think I' m gay. Anonymous M/ 08/ 12( Sun) : 53: 55 OK, I have a plastic glove and som anus fap toys
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I don't think I'm gay.

I don't think I'm gay.. Normal people, normal people everywhere. Cliton' t think I' m gay. Anonymous M/ 08/ 12( Sun) : 53: 55 OK, I have a plastic glove and som

Normal people, normal people everywhere

Cliton' t think I' m gay. Anonymous M/ 08/ 12( Sun) : 53: 55
OK, I have a plastic glove and some lube.
How do I find my prostate, and what do I do when I find it?
Cl Anonymous (/ ) 08: 00: 24 Nod? 033663
Merst find a finger
vwhen you find a finger (preferable attached to a hand), put it in the glove
Hubs that baby up
spot finger up butt
wig around fer a bit
Eventually you' ll find afew small buttons and a switch, this is the sexual override display
signers the buttons and switch. this will prostate to drop down and be
spoke it a funtimes until it engages
aymore done!
Anonymous () : 47
I wanna try prostate stimulation but I don' t have lube.
What would you use as a lube? Water? Soap?
Also what objects are good for shoving up your ass?
Cl Anonymous () 08: Nod? 033868
Do NOT use soap. Water is not lube and will actually create more friction. I used vaseline {} and that worked great, if you'
got any kicking around. Otherwise, just buy lube. Seriously.
Other recommendations: take a good solid shit maybe an hour before you plan on trying- If you shit is suboptimal (watery, very hard), you
may want to abort. You may also want to wash gently around and just inside your anus; just use water and your fingers for this. Then..-
Yeah, pretty much lube up everything (do NOT attempt without lube) and..- Good luck
Anonymous ()
I tried this. Couldn' t find my prostate, my rectum kept squeezing my finger out and it just felt like a whole bunch of nothing. Gave up once the
novelty wore off.
And yeah, I just lubed up with cream. Seemed to do the trick.
Cl Anonymous () Nod? 034003
Soap burns your anus like a motherfucker.
To find your prostate, lay on your back, finger up arse, and point towards your cock and balls. There should be a squidgy lump against your
rectum. Have fun.
Anonymous () 08: 55: 26
How far up is it?
Anonymous () 08: 55: 37
Finnier up ass, explore the anterior side of the rectum (side facing forward} and you' ll eventually find a part that feels roundish and a little
harder than the rest of the gooey membrane in there. Try pressing in it, rubbing it, etc. Fap. Congratulations
Cl Anonymous () 08:
Epsecially your whole finger. You' ll definitely feel it, it' s pretty obvious. It gets harder when you' re about to cum.
Cl Anonymous ) 09:
I can never tell ifl have found it. Ijust get this mad urge to come after fumbling around with the finger for a bit. That may be a sign
Cl Anonymous (/ ) 09:
ijust ram it up there dry as a bone. I remember once encountering some big spongey thing on the bottom of the flesh tunnel, but I didnt
stimulate or anything. You have to tense real hard and push. Work with your anus. When you come across a wall, dont give up, just poke
around until you find a gap. Good luck.
Anonymous (( Sun) 09:
suecide to try messing with my prostate one day in the shower
spot a bit of petroleum jelly on my fingers and get to work
pstart getting a little turned on just bythe feeling of having my ass filled
Eventually find my prostate
ffl fingers up my ass, the other hand on my dick
scum so hard I go weak in the knees, tarts stay standing but slip on some petroleum jellytame I dripped
mound of me falling causes my mother's panic. she picks the bathroom doors lock and sees me unconscious on the floor, blood gushing
my head, broken arm, and flingers still up my ass
sshe calls 911, my best friends mom is one ofthe paramedics who responds
Needless to say I can no longer even look at my own mother without feeling ashamed, and the kids mom told me (after my 3 day stay in the
hospital) that I' m not allowed to hang out with her son or daughter anymore.
Let this be a lesson to you, if you want to try prostate stimulation, get a towel or something and lay it down on your bed, and do it there.
Don' t make the same mistake I did.
Cl Anonymous () 0941: 05
Ne taken a forager up the bum before and it felt like shitting, which was really awkward.
Ideally I want to take a cock but what can I do so it doesn' t feel like I' m about to shit on him?
Anonymous (( Sun) : 47
nursefag, you gotta be careful with this shit or you could overstimulate the vague nerve (and pass out or have your heart go into abnormal
rhythm). probably what happened to the anon that fell in the shower.
Cl Anonymous (( Sun)
Don' t you people have anything better to do than to play with your own buttholes?
Cl Anonymous (( Sun)
What else could we do, have friends play with our buttholes?
Play with each other' s buttholes?
Anonymous () 1 141
tell me more? what about toys, is there a risk with them?
Cl Anonymous ()
Whenever I stick a couple offenders up there alga fucked my left ball kinda moves up so its out of the ballsack and near my dick.
Is that normal? It doesn' t happen with a regular mp-
Is it because I' m at maximum arousal?
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semi related
semi related
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i gotta try this ****
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Just in case you guys are curious at all you can start off by stimulating your prostate externally if you're too afraid to enter the anus. To do this you just use two fingers and softly rub the perineum (the stretch of skin between your testicles and your anus, also called the "taint"). It will not feel as good and it may not work for all guys. Not telling you to do it, but feel free to try it if you want. I honestly don't know how it feels since I don't have a prostate.
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**taintedtruffle rolled a random image posted in comment #4 at The true Master ** I see nothing wrong here :I
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #18 at Realistic cartoon comp 2 ** LE NORMAL PEOPLE TROLOL