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I am the strielok

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File: 994135 (Mjpg (33 KB, 460x345)
So /k/, what would hypothetically happen ifyou potentially maybe swallowed a depleted uranium bullet while drunk? Would such a person need any sort of
medical assistance?
Pic unreleated
LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 12: 38: 56 F
Foo will die of radiation sickness.
jesus christ dude get it together kkg of natural uranium emits about 3 of radiation our second- DU is H: -t heavier than lead. so I' m guessing your DU bullet weighs around we ms. DU is tita% " radioactives as natural
Ll An _ (/ 14( Sat) F Add all that up. and assuming it spent 6 hours inside your body, that' s. -.
File: (5 KB, 254x19 ((/ . ) ) = .069768 curios of alpha radiation your gut has absorbed. 1 cutie is a locking lot of radiation.
Normally you' d commere that to rem. accounting for the fact that meal of it will be alpha decay, with some secondary beta_ and than cont]: -are that against the fact that almost none om would make it
Ell: . past your skin. bat since you' ingested rt, soaked up every last bit of it.
It' s the kid swallowing a
Egg thre ad all over again Any time now you' ll start having digestive problems and pain as your epithelial gut cells start dying, and use violently vomiting- feeling faint etc- It' ll all go may within a day or so- that you' ll have
anywhere from a few days to a week before you stand to bleed hem every orifice, your skin starts to disintegrate and you suffer organ failure.
All ofthis can be rerterderd if you get to a hospital. Otherwise, been nice knowing you.
this we a hypothetical is it. -- or Anonymous one 9/ 14( Sat) F * . File: (/ / our- (19 KB, 229x231)
fucks sake man, just how drunk are you? So, / ids, what did we learn
Last night, drunk
Don' t swallow radioactive shit
So, here' s the whole story: RIP in peace O?
tthere' s some sort of stalker meetup He died so others may learn.
ego there in my freedom parka
kids sitting in gas masks and talking about clear sky was shit welp, the zone claims another we it seems.
to get drunk
bers later i hearth's kid chanting about how he chipped off some DU bullet C-.) ? (. 9/ . ? F
she has this small chunk with him File: lag KB, 400x542)
awhile he brags about it. being the coolest kid. i go forthe last Dbl bottle
tthere are no Dbl in the store
tthere are only IL left
i ain' t coming back sober
mot even more drunk
meme backto the party
squeaking gibberish i drawsomething like "i am the "
oi take the bullet from the kid and proceed to swallow it
Just drink some more, and take , you' ll be fine, and if you don' t you should
lead the quicksave
LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 13: 55: 58 F
As a Blair, I grant OP the title of Honorary Blair.
arm the coolest haythere LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 13: 56: 31 F
idrink vomit mtserty sleep I I .. : t . Cuatro? - Mn File: stalker dfgd' 1_' (22 KB, 384x288)
Swear to God I bought this for my girlfriend once.
LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 13: 43: 38 F
It is . It is not dangerous unless you eat it or something, but no one would do that, right?
LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 13: F
OP: OP right now
Truly the most Stalker who ever stalked.
May he find hilarity in the Eons.
LI Anonymous (/ 14( Sat) 14: 00: 08 F
OP is his way to the right now
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