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#135 - saladtongsofdeath
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what am i doing with my life? no wife, no kids, all i have to my name is a bachelor burrow and the occasional cottontail call once a week. winter solstice ended and i emerged a new and determined rabbit. i went to the local patch looking for that perfect wife to no avail. till one day, i was hopping along to get some grub when i saw a damsel in distress, a local troublemaker named Willy the Wiesel was chasing his next meal. Left turn, right turn, the little bunny couldnt shake off her attacker, exhausted from the chase, the little rabbit turned to face her doom with the most determined look on her face. I couldn't take it anymore i leaped from the bushes and jumped between them. "RUN" i bellowed and she did... i knew what was to come, i have felt this pulsing rush to my head before, and it never ended well for those in my range... the last thing i remembered before blacking out was Willy pouncing at me with fangs exposed and claws at the ready. When i came to, i saw the glow of an angel standing before me, Was i in heaven? no, i felt the sharp pain of a lacerated ear and a few broken ribs. as soon as my eyes focused, i saw the bloodied remains of Willy, a few hops away from me and the bunny i rescued looking at me with the biggest most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. "whats your name dollface?" i muttered, "Rachel the Rabbit" she said, and just like that, i was in love. two winters have passed and i couldnt be happier, we had 2 litters and a small quaint little burrow outside a little farm... till one day i find myself captured by a monster.... a monster who brought me into his burrow and who threw my wife.. my love.. my life.. in a cage with one of those silverspooned fed ************* who betrayed his kind and joined the two legged monster... weeks after weeks i witnessed my wife violated till she only had dark holes where her eyes where, and just when she was a shell of her former self, he took a firestick to her head. then to me and i knew, i was coming home.
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The feels.