Hamplanet at the gas station. Hamplanet has to fill up the car. This ends terribly, of course.. File: KB, 594x508, 1345427923021, jpg) Here' s an FPS thats been
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Hamplanet at the gas station

Hamplanet has to fill up the car. This ends terribly, of course.

File: KB, 594x508, 1345427923021, jpg)
Here' s an FPS thats been posted on lo! a few times, no clue by who:
twerking counter at gas station, really boring
mes car pull up, I have a habit rewatching them fill to make sure they don' t do anything stupid (MURCA)
Fat bitch squeezes outta Honda Accord driver seat
was some kinda burger (not even kidding, a MASSIVE burger) in one hand, and a Slushie in
the other hand
derive with your elbows much?
mince she is distracted bythe food in her hand, she does something obviously ******* retarded
winstead ofthe gas pumps, she picks upthe water hose we have for people who wanna wash thearceus it into hershel intake
one an old gas station so the pumps will give out fuel is you squeeze handle (forfilling cartons and stuff), not autoclicking kind
sshe notices a bit of bird poo on newwindow,
sstill has both hands full with food and 35% of attention to the 55% of remaining
s she takes the fuel pump, and splashes with gasoline, not even looking at it, instead plowing hamface into burger
Homes inside, still chewing, pays the . 45 forthe GAS she used
water hose, drives away-
Hun outta the store and chase alter herto watch
snot even mile block, her engine starts coughing loudly and dies out
who wheezes and squeezes outta the car
knotice not holding the anymore
vwhat has replaced it?
ooh no, please dear god yes yes ITS A *******
in one hand, 35% of in other, she waddles overdo front, pops hood, obviously has no idea whats going on
swaddles to trunk to get something
ash drops on back windshield
Phatty fell on ground, burger strewn about the pavement
coughing, back windshield on fire
s I have 311 on my cellphone open, but I haven' t said a word yet because I' m laughing too hard
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Submitted: 03/05/2013
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User avatar #102 - angelooo (03/10/2013) [-]
Gnomer Pyle is the only reason why I hate fat people, they can't do anything right, if you've seen the movie you'll understand
#91 - anonymous (03/06/2013) [-]
This dumb ****** doesn't even know how gas works. It wouldn't have ******* lit. The story is obviously fabricated, try harder next time ****** .
#97 to #91 - joanriversvagina (03/06/2013) [-]
well of course it's bloody fabricated, is there anyone who actually believes this **** happens?
User avatar #95 to #91 - olmesy (03/06/2013) [-]
Well you just ruined my fun
User avatar #83 - smokinhigh (03/06/2013) [-]
Cigarette is not hot enough to light up gas, mythbusters busted this **** .
#85 to #83 - joanriversvagina (03/06/2013) [-]
shhh just laugh at the story.
User avatar #86 to #85 - smokinhigh (03/06/2013) [-]
I did, I just wanted to be a douchebag
#87 to #86 - joanriversvagina (03/06/2013) [-]
go be a douchebag on kongregate then, might liven up whatever room you end up in.
User avatar #81 - bitchitroll (03/06/2013) [-]
my turn for a story

>work in restaurant
>friday night
>fatty walks in
>orders candy bar
>say we dont sell candy bars and point fatty in direction of vending machine
>5 minutes later
>go on smoke break
>see fatty in front of vending machine
>fatty drooling with rape face
>10 minutes later
>go piss
>see fatty at urinal eating candy
>see rapid arm movement from fatty
>walk out
im 99% sure he was fapping to the candy
#92 to #81 - anonymous (03/06/2013) [-]
I bet.
User avatar #78 - infamoustrapper (03/06/2013) [-]
WAIT how did she splash the windshield with gasoline if she was holding the water hose?
User avatar #80 to #78 - bitchitroll (03/06/2013) [-]
hose was in gas tank and she grabbed the gas nozzle thinking it was the hose and sprayed the window
#79 to #78 - bitchitroll has deleted their comment [-]
#74 - samoaspider (03/06/2013) [-]
10/10 -would read again.   
natural selection at its finest i guess
10/10 -would read again.

natural selection at its finest i guess
#73 - willindor (03/06/2013) [-]
My sides.
My sides.
#72 - alucardshellhound (03/06/2013) [-]
**alucardshellhound rolled a random image posted in comment #841122 at Friendly **
#104 to #69 - generalwatergate ONLINE (09/09/2013) [-]
goddammit leo....
#82 to #69 - joanriversvagina (03/06/2013) [-]
that's actually a cute picture.
#64 - residentevilfan (03/06/2013) [-]
I hate fat people that's why I hate myself
I hate fat people that's why I hate myself
User avatar #57 - thisisspartah ONLINE (03/06/2013) [-]
ill be laughing at this for a while,
nice post op
#55 - anonymous (03/06/2013) [-]
Kill all fat 'people'.
User avatar #53 - coolioplasm (03/06/2013) [-]
LOL. Shouldn't be fat like that, if it's glandular I can respect that, but seriously, if you're fat because you just can't stop stuffing your fat cake hole, then you suck.
User avatar #68 to #53 - inomonym (03/06/2013) [-]
I like food as much as the next person--I am always stuffing my face.
The trick is, hit the gym if your metabolism isn't faster than your pie hole.
User avatar #71 to #68 - mrevitcartta (03/06/2013) [-]
If I didn't go to the gym 4 times a week i'd be 500 lbs by now.
User avatar #63 to #53 - coolioplasm (03/06/2013) [-]
Suck food that is.
User avatar #61 to #53 - areialview (03/06/2013) [-]
Can a Glandular problem be genetic?
#98 to #61 - joanriversvagina (03/06/2013) [-]
i think so but in most cases it is aggravated by smoking, excessive alcohol and poor diet/lack of exercise. before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia they suspected thyroid gland problems but tests came back normal, thank Odin. I didn't even know where a thyroid is or what it was but I was scared ******** that something was wrong with it.
#54 to #53 - coolioplasm (03/06/2013) [-]
Oh 						****					 I typed LOL in...
Oh **** I typed LOL in...
#51 - anonymous (03/06/2013) [-]
God I ******* hate fat people
#49 - Reeon (03/06/2013) [-]
******* beautiful
#48 - apatheticalcare **User deleted account** (03/06/2013) [-]
Replace "fat" with "hot", you'll be running up to her and help her out, and she'll have all the sympathies.
#93 to #48 - scodran (03/06/2013) [-]
Nobody eating such a fatass burger is hot
User avatar #50 to #48 - Hentaifan (03/06/2013) [-]
Anyone who's that dumb gets laughed at no matter what.
User avatar #46 - douthit (03/06/2013) [-]
User avatar #43 - morefunhigh (03/06/2013) [-]
Cigarette ashes can't actually light gasoline but funny anyway.
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