Girls can be gross. In all seriousness, women can be as disgusting as men, if not more.. File: KB, 298x200, , jpg) M' - faded in our bed so I dumped her Anonymo
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Girls can be gross

In all seriousness, women can be as disgusting as men, if not more.

File: KB, 298x200, , jpg)
M' - faded in our bed so I dumped her Anonymous (/ 12( Sat)
I' been dating this girl fer 3 years.
Last night while she was asleep in bed with she faded- I' m not even kidding. The worst part is she wasn' t even
wearing any clothes. I was disgusted. I almost threw up. I started shouting and woke her up. I told her to get em
of my bed at once. I tore the sheets effete bed and I threw them into the trash and then I went into the shower.
I felt like I had to scrub clean hem this revulsion.
When I came em I demanded to know why she had betrayed me in such way- I told harte get
dressed and I get em of my apartment and I never wanted to see her again.
Ithought she was going to be the one I marry. Now I am t: indicted. Should I try to forgive ? She
behaved like abiltiy pig, will she act like this again in the future? I thought I loved her. What should I do?
CI Anonymous () 22: 45
reminds me of my ewn
Caught my I brake up with her. She said shes off to pee while were watching a movie, now shes been gone 5 minutes and i knew something
was up, i knacked on the deer and asked if everything is , she said yes she' ll be right eut. -- was Irbored and i became suspiciousman i yelled "WI
COMING " she screamed no but there was no stopping this, i smashed through the deer and i see her sitting on the toilet seat, i told her to get the fuk up,
she didnt SO i threw her off, i Geeked inside the as i suspected, a goddam log, bitch u better pray this isnt yours. i Geeked around and saw no pet in
site, I KNOW THIS IS UR POOP u WHORE, she screamed at me that crazy and that shes calling the cops, all the while toilet paper in her hands. i told
her no need call the cops, breaking up with u u some kinda poop where. and that was that. I feel like a new man and off to find a woman whe deosnt
I Anonymous (( Sat) 22: tie
Heay **** I know this feel. My brother' s girlfriends sister was staying at my house (she was underage, but i waft We started ******* befire she moved in. I
came home hem school one day having to pee really bad. The door was shut so I waited outside fer a minute. A couple minutes went by and I got frustrated.
GET THE **** OUT I NEED TO FEE." I heard scrambling but no words were uttered. I thought maybe sameone had fallen and hurt themselves so I busted
in (door unlocked thank god). The stench overcame me. It was that underage BITCH taking a **** in " WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING
She started screaming fer me to get out so Ijust screamed back and pointed at the door. She pulled up her stupid short shorts and waddled out
forcing ME to flush that mitt Disgusting. She moved out a couple days later. She still comes ever once in awhile-
I Anonymous (( Sat) 22: 57 E
My has ene disgusting habit, she deosnt hush sometimes. Ne seen every possible kind of poo, Ne gotten used to that. But used feminine products, and
that is grasse- I even know by the smell befire lifting the seat what I' m going to find.
New that' s all sick, but if we visit friends I get ******* blamed fer not flushing every ******* time. Flush the ******* mist!
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Probably some of the funniest 4chan ive seen in awhile
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