Fishsticks. hnnngg. File: . jpg-( 50 KB, 550x461 , Tiger. jpg) I Ananymous (ID: Yyup) htl) CE/ 16/ 12( Thu) 21: 19: 05 No. 419300954 its me, age 17 high school, fourchan b rocky
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File: . jpg-( 50 KB, 550x461 , Tiger. jpg)
I Ananymous (ID: Yyup) htl) CE/ 16/ 12( Thu) 21: 19: 05 No. 419300954
its me, age 17
high school, junior year
Sschool' s mascot is a lion, Wale are the tigers
H am the school mascot (the guy that wears the suit at sporting extents, not a lion)
Slummer day, alter school
HEM suited up; take bus to football game with football players
at game, do typical cheering an the team and keeping the crowd happy
Tigers mascot and I would have small, somewhat playful, battles, exchanging tricks and such
H' m clearly better
Toiger starting to get a bit angry
Toiger challenges mete a plastic sword fight
Fiight starts
exchange hits
Ht actually hurts quite a bit
H' m winning
Toiger starting to get really pissed
Toiger eventually throws down his sword and starts punching me
H back off, pissed
Toiger staring at me with smug eyes
Pstart to get really mad
around and waves his arms at the crowd
crowd cheers him an
back is turned to me
towards him as the crowd hushes
Toiger leeks around, cinfused
Churns around
H' m right behind him
H plunge my hand into his mask and rip out ene of his smug Tiger eye
Toiger is scared
H leek down at the Tiger eye
Heck back up
Hump an top
Pstart beating the **** out of him
H mean like really hurting him
Hm pretty sure I broke his nese and probably fractured a rib
pull me off
me warts sideline
semes dyer, takes off my mask
at me
What made yum do that?"
H sit there for a second, thinking
Ht was the eye ofthe tiger
Ht was the thrill ofthe fight
Shtanding up to the challenge of cur Wale
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User avatar #20 - meheecan (08/18/2012) [+] (2 replies)
only on 4chan do you have to specify that you, in fact, are not a lion
#25 - myrrhdyrrh (08/18/2012) [-]
started loling when i finished reading the story and saw the item available
#5 - fucktheniggers (08/18/2012) [+] (1 reply)
mfw the title
#12 - AMTZ (08/18/2012) [-]
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#13 - anonymous (08/18/2012) [+] (7 replies)
Another post from 4chan thats not even close to funny yet you guys act like it is
#21 to #13 - thebuilder (08/18/2012) [-]
Apparently, if it's not funny to you, it automatically means that no one should think it is funny. Asshole.
#11 - collegedood (08/18/2012) [+] (1 reply)
ohhh i havent laughed that hard since i was a little girl. thank you
#23 - elatedmonkey (08/18/2012) [-]
Last line: *Rising
#4 - therealmagnum (08/17/2012) [-]
User avatar #16 - cyanskater (08/18/2012) [-]
#8 - wwjjgg (08/18/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Whoop, I posted that, thank you for reposting it (yeah i'm serious) so that more people could see it, when i posted it it got like 7 thumbs 'cause I forgot to put it in the 4chan channel (yes i wrote the story).
User avatar #7 - midnightdove (08/18/2012) [-]
9/10 would read again
#41 - epicunochamp (08/18/2012) [-]
Very nice
Very nice
#47 - StrongestElk ONLINE (08/18/2012) [-]
knew what was coming as soon as he ripped out the eye
knew what was coming as soon as he ripped out the eye
User avatar #33 - InspectorGadget (08/18/2012) [-]
Brilliant, 11/10.
#56 - wwjjgg (08/18/2012) [-]
I just wanted to say I was the one who posted this on /b/. If you don't believe me, check link . Also, thanks again for reposting so more people could see this (yes i'm serious).
User avatar #19 - geist (08/18/2012) [-]
i wouldn't be able to resist storming the field in a bear costume when this game went down if i went to either of those schools
User avatar #10 - jokeface (08/18/2012) [-]
If there was a game between Lions and Tigers, I would run onto the field in the middle of the mascot fight, and I'd be dressed as a Liger, and I'd break up the fight and hold up a sign that says "Can't we all just get along?" And then I'd signal to my accomplice in the commentator's box to play Kumbaya throughout the stadium while I grab the hands of the other two mascots and begin swaying back and forth.
User avatar #29 - boxhead (08/18/2012) [-]
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