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#53 - MrJakkadakka
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(01/15/2014) [-]
So, I was at the hospital a few days ago. I'm sitting across from a lady who is undergoing chemo (picked up from a conversation with her son). She's clearly very unwell and is in a wheelchair. AND THEN NEXT TO HER IS FATTY MCFAT ****. He is literally Jabba the ******* fat. A monstrous beast that is somehow wedged into this mobility chair. Can he move it himself? CAN HE ****. He has to have the nurse push him through the ******* doors, because he literally TOO ******* FAT to move. All the while, this woman is watching this man is absolute disgust. In fact, we're all watching Captain Land Whale Tubby Tits as he gets out of breath from ******* shuffling his ******* fat rolls so they don't hang over the side. People who are too fat to move, are no longer ******* people.
TL;DR I ******* hate obese people.