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(12/15/2012) [-]
I may be a monster, but I really don't feel bad for the kids. They interviewed the surviving kids, and they hardly seemed fazed. They were just so factual about it, like they didn't realize how horrifying it was. The thing that made me cry like a bitch was the story of the shooter's brother. They found the brother's ID on the killer's body, and within hours, the poor brother was receiving death threats and hate mail. Seriously? If you think the guy's dead, how ******* stupid do you have to be to send him a ******* death threat? But the part that made me cry is the fact that this poor guy just lost his brother and his mom, in the most tragic way imaginable, and people are abusing him and threatening to kill him. I wouldn't be surprised if the brother killed himself. It's just so ******* tragic.
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User avatar #518 to #509 - bostonbruins
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the kids couldnt grasp it becuase they were 6-10 ******* years old
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That's... my point...?