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A gun can't shoot someone without the trigger being pulled. A knife can't cut people without something moving it in motion. A car can't hit someone without a person to drive it. Planes can't crash into buildings without someone flying it. My point is, nothing is a deadly object until it is used as one. If you want a safe world for your family. Eliminate the human element.
Giving up guns just alters the method in witch they kill you.
Have a gun, have a chance.
#508 to #363 - anon (12/15/2012) [-]
are you implying that he could of killed 27 people with a knife?
User avatar #480 to #363 - jgarron (12/15/2012) [-]
>knife blade hanging over and edge, walk into it, cut yourself
>person gets out of car, doesnt put in park, rolls down hill, hits someone
>planes crash into buildings because noone is flying it, no control, descends, wammo
User avatar #417 to #363 - landartheconqueror (12/15/2012) [-]
except it's incredibly easier to kill someone with a gun or a bowie knife than something NOT made with the sole purpose of killing someone else.
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Well, a bowie knife is meant to be a tool of survival, a killing tool is just a side effect.
User avatar #461 to #456 - landartheconqueror (12/15/2012) [-]
yeeaaahhh... i'm a fan of knives; i was going to change it to swords, but i figured knives are probably more typical for killing these days..
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