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It's so ******* ****** that this had to occur two weeks before Christmas. Most of these kids probably already had at least half of their presents already wrapped and those boxes now are sitting, waiting for them under the tree, never to be opened again.

I'm not normally one to feel deep sorrow for these kinds of news events, but these were children, goddamnit. ******* kids. Some no more than 10 years at the oldest. I don't even like kids that much to begin with and yet I can't even bring myself to joke about what's just happened. This is just horrible.
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That's one of the first things I thought about. I can't imagine how depressing it must be as a parent to see those presents hiding at the bottom of your closet, having to take them out knowing you will never see your child again.

All of the parents ran to the school to get their children. 20 had to be told that their children did not survive. Those kids had their whole lives ahead of them and now they do not. It's just sad beyond belief.
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When I think about the parents of the 18 children killed at this horrible incident in Newtown, Connecticut this morning, I can’t help but cry. Those parents rushed to the school to pick up their children and bring them home to safety, only to watch other parents find their children while they waited to be told their children wouldn’t be coming out. Those parents will have to live with the pain o
f knowing their young children went to school like any other morning but will never be coming home again. Those parents will have to go home and see their child’s bedroom, knowing they won’t be tucking them in and giving them goodnight kisses anymore. Those parents will have to unwrap and return all the Christmas gifts they bought their children, knowing they were only a few days away from seeing the joy on their children’s faces when they opened them.

My heart just feels so heavy thinking of the sorrow they will have to live with every day. I can’t even imagine how devastating this must be, and I can only hope that I will never have to know the pain of losing a child in my own life. My thoughts go out to those parents who had to experience it today.

That's all I have to say on the shooting.
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you copied and pasted that first paragraph ...
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today and every day after for the rest of their lives*
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Look on the bright side, some parents can return their gifts now and get themselves something nice.
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They could also be sitting in the closest never to be removed again.   
It's still very saddening, they were only children.
They could also be sitting in the closest never to be removed again.

It's still very saddening, they were only children.
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Yeah, it's ****** up, and the best part about it, no one will help to stop any of this from happening again, no reforms to help save people who are going through this **** .

People will just blame "guns" and think they're safe when half the weapons shootings are done with are acquired illegally.
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