Deaf Wife Story. Enjoyable. I Anonymous ( Tue) 02 IT No 18382323 wee has been childhood pas a we chernoble read a motorboats and new daycare amass same mange we aww
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Deaf Wife Story

Tags: aww
I Anonymous ( Tue) 02 IT No 18382323
wee has been childhood
pas a we chernoble read a motorboats and new daycare amass same mange
we can speakest re English
Anne new her we tells were me
main close rm/ en" es nee
we genes ane e open see ups: sailormoon
its era costume and e happende lore wees Memes
were make are bed and see _ teensie remove 'Serrano's
Ethan en we does and W beam
n anew/ nu gunmen
pl, hare Mo
as e e prawn god we doesnt been too late
we scream are elm men hardeh/ fuh me ‘man we newsman mean pussah
a burst new laughter
starts to ask wrong
lav, a coninue
we begun: agave an a e en, ween itouch new dame
n we her new and we coninue lauging as hard as e any have
cuss averted, annoyin em gong to nee For t
in Anonymous / 19/ 11( Tue) 31
we/ e more along weekened tome
es en the loom
we was loud asfuck
we smell nashor[ ang horable
71 laugh as we
we starts
L Story
e 27 No 18384125
we next one es mus hues
memes nun/ and e wee newer
we news a the Precess we
a startted manna and press play
es slaking atme
we perms semen
were new thatway a dumb ass and fuckyporn en % tles
we ewes
ewe snuggle meme couch and begun to
hand and apologie
we grabs we and as e gaze Into her was
r' ' to jakelar'
mehe tells me we loves me Force
News both awards and
mew was we we much
how mame tellyou all how we men
e one 9/ 11( Tue) No 43335160
new A
we CANT can
e , whahah the an meanswer paintjob as , myine esn' tah rheas when she' / 10
here' s another one an A t
aue. \ keng we were to are store
ere were holdong an the breweries en outlands
5 2 mm: man and new greens we a cart
wee HEW yev' , needbeer an we iamnew were go en befur w
m\/ WWY unifrom are looker's glasses ane nee he holds ere Jereme mania has we
rm/ We
imadumbass can seen "smell"
we looks Mme and says ' lackin , osse" and new me en the arm
N Sallust graduated from needed we
a hardbound so e had to Item' s en we me amen! a mere
were en e Hume a small bookstore
Pl go en and applekwon burned en
A books actuall/ a mama
we passes me we martin? counter
N Mules: we es and mange nenene herbage
mng we megane embarrassed e m es News heme:
News seems Donnie mince that was odd
harm Herman meme
m ended up wardenf
we could seen read ems ane
wee begynte slowl/ connector each tether
were new beseems mange ane meme
manner» becoming day
daishi was allong mare usual
m madchen Sheena: I
me uneeded week
7! matter
we / boorus new tear
he Anonymous 04/ 19/ 11( Tue) 02 51 No 48383183
L Anonymous / 11( Tuiu) 02 52
You and your wane must nave a wand me gone beneden Katawa snow, new
I Anonymous / 11( Tue) 02 57 No 18383334
43333213 (
we meouth , she comprised when she asked me who gens es and e sad Rm l- s/ I/ ' "a):
slw can clicl J
p Anonymous M/ ( Tase) 03 M 3 _- console her knew
Css we creed's
when d; anythings great, anonme ere memorable
wee had been months and news: gum; great
we treesus/‘ HON
we laugh a
be userna are hour
mes few where we been laughed
mantra we closed upshc told me News beneden anywon
m we names: e could sayang% but ofcourse not
begun obento me
wee someimes seaseme beside and read
e new/ need her amen eat awe was place eevees the bookstore
we to go
datone new around
71 laughed ane passed has nennen as
we ‘unwed semi we Bernese meme
we Became and unwed her mouth
N mend doog Hagan memememe
we meshes a mane ewes ethereal
v" bummin food Morn we
71 awe , york
Neon! DAT; FUCK/ N
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