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#159 - Absolute Madman (04/19/2012) [-]
/b/ is ******** now, I remember the time when I first went there and I shoved my cock deep down within the hole ar the end of your penis stretching it to a massive 2in radius and thrusting it in and out of your penis until I came massive seamen causing your testies to swell up and burst with creamy white seamen. And as your screaming I quickly take the open opportunity to **** within your gaping mouth, before you can spit it out I ******** you in the mouth like a wild horse and **** the daylights out of you till you're forced to swallow the massive concoction of ************ diarrhea and sticky seamen.
>> "feelsgoodman"
I then continue to thrust my penis into your shouler and throuh your heart, as your gasping for air and holding on to my rotating thighs for dear life, i am thrusting away at the hole I penetrated into your shoulder, I can feel your heart throbbing on my penis.
My penis slips into your vein and your heart pumps my penis into the left ventricle of your heart, as my penis is traveling through your veins like a train through a subway, your veins are bursting with juices and penis. once I reach your heart I let go of the most massive cum I ever had, I can see your heart throbbingg faster and faster as it swells up from the massive loads of seamen that I am unleashing upon our unsuspecting heart, eventually your heart explodes and loads of sticky reddish-white residue splatter all over the walls. As your life slowly fades away you wipe your tears on my dick and scream a as loud as you can because my penis has entered your anus and you are powerless to stop it.

>>You are a victim
>>I am a rapist

User avatar #189 to #178 - rapetape (04/19/2012) [-]
I can't even imagine a fitting reaction image for what I just read.
User avatar #194 to #189 - cotyw (04/19/2012) [-]
it was quite out of the ordinary for certain
#166 to #159 - renzard (04/19/2012) [-]
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