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#23 - xsap (04/21/2013) [-]
no self respecting white girl from a good family will ever go for a black guy... why do you think the only white girls with ******* are fat and ugly... because no self respecting white man will go anywhere near their nasty ass so they have to settle for anything... or the ones that have been molested as kid and came out of broken ass house with a crack head mom and a coked up alcoholic dad...
#127 to #23 - anon (05/31/2015) [-]
Yeah, all the one's who are self respecting wet dog smelling redneck crackers who don't go for black guys are named Mama June. You sound like you caught your girl or your momma gettin long dicked by a black man recently. lol!
#97 to #23 - anon (04/22/2013) [-]
hes right you know... than again this is funny junk where you thumb down someone = argument instantly won
#70 to #23 - anon (04/22/2013) [-]
its pretty hard to hear someone as racist and bigoted as you talk about who is "self-respecting" and who isnt. Grow up and join this century.
User avatar #72 to #70 - thumbaccount (04/22/2013) [-]
"join the century" ******* are still worthless and hated by everyone... they are responsible for 80% of the crimes in america even though they are only the 16% 75% all highschool drop out each year are black, 60%+ of blacks live on welfare and other government aid.... black IQ/SAT or all time low... what century are you talking out...
anyone who defends blacks and says "we're equal" has clearly been brainwashed in school or by the media where the shove down "we're all equal" down your throat every day... open your eyes and do actual research and look at the actual numbers
#125 to #72 - anon (05/12/2015) [-]
Hey bitch we are equal we're not the inly ones on welfare and white people commit just as many crimes as us so stop acting like ur race is all high and mighty that's why this count
ry is falling apart now #join the century
#124 to #72 - anon (02/12/2015) [-]
Interesting to read the the mindset of most ignorant and outrageously insane white savages and their useless statistics! When she narrate the sins of blacks can we ask her to also enumerate the catalog of white endless list of genocides, terrorism, mass-murdering,etc..,
Can she tell us those that sit on top of the list of worst serial killers? After that we may ask the 'bloody white' that think they know or deceive themselves of being 'clean' as in 'white'!
#126 to #124 - anon (05/12/2015) [-]
Amen to that
User avatar #95 to #72 - matriculator (04/22/2013) [-]
Interesting fact: African Immigrants in the U.S. have the highest percentage of high school and college graduates out of any other group including natives and other immigrant groups. You're the only one molested as a child brainwashed here. And I'd like to see your research.

#123 to #95 - anon (07/08/2014) [-]
I'm black, I reckon that more whites are treated fairly than the Blackpool,e are, and that can be very frustrating. Besides the skin colour the only difference is how blacks were treated long ago, so whites learned way more, now blacks are learning just as equally as the whites are, racism still goes on but it's useless. Have you realized the interracial love going on round the world between blacks and whites, that's cute it proves that whites and blacks can get along just depending on the heart each person has. Interracial love is cute and I love the fact it happens
#107 to #95 - thumbaccount (04/22/2013) [-]
funny because last time i checked 11% of all high school drop outs each year are black and only 5% are whites... its even more sad that blacks only make up 16% of the u.s population while whites make up 74% of the u.s population so if you look at it in another mathematical point of view that's about 65% all blacks while only 3% all whites...
User avatar #109 to #107 - matriculator (04/22/2013) [-]
Apparently you can't read either.
#115 to #109 - hatinonmyrolls (04/22/2013) [-]
all you do is call people stupid and make false claims without giving any evidence to back up your idiotic claims and then you call them stupid again after they prove you wrong... shut the **** up already, you lost.

here have this too
#117 to #115 - matriculator (04/22/2013) [-]
I can't exactly recall making any claims needing backup except for the first, which is clearly present WITH A VALID SOURCE. This isn't exactly a competition, but I can see that you've won at "who's the most retarded" contest. P.S. screenshots are not evidence. I wonder what Pro-1940 Germany ignoramus Aryan race supporter's site you're taking these from. Retake elementary through middle school, you're in great need of it.
#114 to #109 - hatinonmyrolls has deleted their comment [-]
#98 to #95 - anon (04/22/2013) [-]
may be because 90% of the immigrants are from filthy 3rd world country's who are just as bad as ******* ... no normal person from Europe or Canada will ever immigrants to america.... only the ones who are living in ****** country's and probably never even went to school...
User avatar #103 to #98 - matriculator (04/22/2013) [-]
You seem borderline retarded. Your sentence makes no logical or syntactical sense.
#69 to #23 - anon (04/22/2013) [-]
Stereotypes aside, this just isnt true. I don't believe that the qualities people look for in a life partner are necessarily limited by race. I am white and have been dating an Asian guy for 5 years and he is my best friend: when I hear people say stuff like this, or ask "how our relationship works" or "what we could possibly have in common" (as if that were determined by race), or "its a waste of a white girl" it makes me crazy. WHen you have a bigoted attitude like the one you expressed you only punish and limit yourself by refusing to recognize whats actually important in friendships and relationships.
User avatar #71 to #69 - xsap (04/22/2013) [-]
yea but i wasn't talking about Asians, Asians are smart, hardworking and smart... how can you even compare an Asian to a ****** ?
User avatar #63 to #23 - srskate (04/22/2013) [-]
what the hell, funnyjunk.
#54 to #23 - femcuntdestroyer (04/22/2013) [-]
"dats soo truu!!! hahahaha. Wait... what the fu.."
"dats soo truu!!! hahahaha. Wait... what the fu.."
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