Anon loses his best friend. source: File: -( 600 KB, 1536x2048, 032. jpg} Anonymoused: / ) (/ 20/ 13( Sun) 1221: 01 No. 45241 6453 Sup ml, tod Anon loses his best friend source: on fb me/126zi8l File: -( 600 KB 1536x2048 032 jpg} Anonymoused: / ) (/ 20/ 13( Sun) 1221: 01 No 45241 6453 Sup ml tod
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Anon loses his best friend

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Anonymoused: / ) (/ 20/ 13( Sun) 1221: 01 No. 45241 6453
Sup ml, today marks the anniversary of my best friend' s death.
13 years age en Valentimes day.
ell] years old with best friend Chelsea. I knew I Reved her even then
kl drew her a Valentimes card
its the sweetest thing ever and levee it
Lip as best friends
Aaround age ll admit that I Ieve her
Pstart dating
14. she tells me her parents are moving
to neverforget me
Abreak Lip due to distance. get upset with everything
IE. she begs mete eema visit her
yen Chelsea. You broke my heart.
Palease anen... just anee.
deosn' t leek like herself. she got thinner
Hell her I hate her. I didnt want harte know I still Reved her
ahead I year. age IT
out Chelsea died of brain waneer. she was diagnosed at age 15
to . see her mem and stepfather there
mem is crying her eyes out
Ihands me a Chelsea.
Anon, I know yen hate me but I' d really appreciate itemid help my mem clean out my mem. Just this ens last fever."
Iabide by hellish
There' s absolutely no face to describe what happened next
knocked hamwallet off her computer desk while cleaning
sit epeni LIP. tucked behind it is a raggedy piece of paper
it. see the card I drew her all the years ago.
mem sees it tee- then says I wasn' t supposed to find it. I was all she overvalued about in her hospital bed
kept the note in hamwallet SC) I would always be with her
like a fucking baby because I know I treated her. and she still Reved me
I' m sorry Chelsea. I know I won' t ever mew en. And I hope I moterfucking dd.
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fuck you op, you made me cry
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