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#36 - semperkillusmc (10/27/2013) [-]
Lol POGs
User avatar #68 to #36 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (10/27/2013) [-]
Are there different levels of POGdome?

As in, would you say a ******* mail clerk would be on the same level as a crew chief of door gunner?

Just a question out of curiousity.
User avatar #71 to #68 - semperkillusmc (10/27/2013) [-]
there are some we refer to as GAPs Grunt Ass POGs. People who work with us in country but don't live grunt life we do 24/7. GAPs include tankers, combat engineers, EOD.
User avatar #83 to #71 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (10/27/2013) [-]
My buddy is a POG who actually went through ITB. He's going for MARSOC at the moment. He knows im trying for a 16xx MOS, he likes to call me a wannabe POG. I have no issue with it but t made me wonder. Even if I still went into combat or was put in danger on a regular basis, would i still be on the same level as, like, and admin assistant?

Thanks for clearing that up. Appreciate the info.
User avatar #86 to #83 - semperkillusmc (10/27/2013) [-]
none of that made any sense.....
User avatar #87 to #86 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (10/27/2013) [-]
Sorry, let me rephrase.

My buddy never informed me of the levels of POG or even told me there were GAPs. It was just black and white "either you're a grunt or you're a useless POG".

So this new information is kind of cool to me. So thank you.
User avatar #109 to #87 - semperkillusmc (10/27/2013) [-]
no no the other part. how could your friend go through ITB and not have an 03XX mos. and if he is going for MARSOC I hope you realize that POGs work for marsoc aswell. just cause your with marsoc doesn't mean your an operator. MARSOC has S shops just like any other grunt unit
User avatar #111 to #109 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (10/27/2013) [-]
Oh, he graduated ITB and went into recon school but was dropped when he got pneumonia and couldn't continue training. His CO knew he was a good guy and a dedicated soldier so he hooked him up with DOD as a firefighter. So he had the qualifications but was put in as a POG.

You wouldn't believe how many people he had to chew out because fresh boots came up to him like a boot when he was already in for a year and a half with two certifications. The amount of times I had to hear him go "I ******* RATE!" was substantial.

Last I heard some guys in marsoc came by and told him they would take him. I think he's trying for operator.
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