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#1870 - elitefourcaitlin
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(03/09/2014) [-]
Anyone read the Gone series? I just got done with the second book, Hunger, and im about to start the third after The Maze runner. I loved Hunger and im really liking the series so far, but one thing about Hunger seems to be a big hole in it and its bugging me.
One of the characters has the power to see into other peoples dreams. She was introduced a bit into the book, she was captured and one side of the two battling groups caught her. They spent a few chapters discussing how useful she'll be, and how much they can use her against the other side since they didnt know about her. It seemed pretty good and like a solid plan, but after discussing it, she was pretty much just forgotten about. She was mentioned maybe one or two more times later on, but didnt even show up. They planned all that stuff out and a few chapters later it was as if she wasnt even a character earlier on.
There are 4 more in the series so im sure they'll mention her again, but it just seemed odd and annoying to do all that and then just forget about her for more than half the book