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(07/31/2012) [-]
Any tips on drawing teeth?
#9401 to #9399 - justicebustedus
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(07/31/2012) [-]
Hey man, I made this for you. This is just from what I learned by myself.

There are two sets of three teeth in the center (the flat ones) On [our] left side, top row, we see (right to left) the first of the "two front teeth", a tooth that is smaller and then the canine. Past that, there are the molars (what we chew with) and they're generally the same size, just varying shapes. The same concept for the right side on the top half except left to right.

The bottom half, we see the first three on the left side (right to left), being almost the same size but the third is again a canine shape (but usually doesn't grow much taller than the rest) and then the same concept for molars. The same goes for the right side except left to right.

If you have any more questions (like an angled view of teeth) I'd try reading a couple of pages of a Naruto fight scene (which is where I learned. Kishimoto is actually really detailed in his teeth).

I hope this helps! :D