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#8911 - xXJordanXx (07/26/2012) [-]
anyone up for rating my art? all done in pencil.. some are still a work in progress
User avatar #8977 to #8911 - Ninotori (07/27/2012) [-]
Not a bad start.

Heres my advice based on all your pieces.

1. Do not draw on lined paper, unless you are practicing or broke. It looks like shit.

2. You have a good understanding of the way light effects the 3D form. Study it more, and learn cast shadows.

3. Good beginning understanding of perspective, but you exaggerate too much for it to be believably stylized, ie deliberate.

4. Study basic human anatomy. Bones, muscles, tendons, fat deposits. You don't need to be a pre med student, but knowing what the muscles look like, what they do, same for bones, and most importantly, proportions of the human body, anything you draw with vaguely human like features will be more realistic.

5. Try gesture drawings. Look it up. You don't need models, there are plenty of nude photos you can look at on deviantart or google you can draw from. These will teach you to create 'character' in your creatures.

6. Learn sighting and measuring techniques, and the grid method. Use these in tandem with reference photos. Nothing is wrong with using reference photos, in fact, using LOTS of reference photos is a good idea, and drawing from many sources prevents your work from looking too copied.

7. Learn the elements and principals of design. They are easy to understand. Learn what it means to make your eye move through a piece.

8. Do not be afraid of high contrast. I mean fucking HIGH contrast. A good place to start is drawing in straight black and white, and one or two grays MAX. Also, a good method to understanding 3D form in drawings as well as shading is a technique called planar analysis. Look that up too.

This might sound harsh, but these are tips given to college art students to improve your work. If you REALLY want to be as amazing as I really think you can be, practice and more importantly, knowledge will send you far. Don't be afraid if it takes time. Even the best drew like shit once.
#8917 to #8916 - xXJordanXx (07/26/2012) [-]
jared diamond and doctor who mix
User avatar #8951 to #8918 - copperoxideking (07/27/2012) [-]
"there is NO white space in art!" - every smart ass art teacher ever
User avatar #8952 to #8951 - copperoxideking (07/27/2012) [-]
good job though
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