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User avatar #8397 - pheonixinstinct (07/21/2012) [-]
i have recently taken up the hobby of carving an image then printing it using ink, its in the style of Andy Warhol. I have ran out of good ideas. Anything you guys/girls want done? will post pictures when done. If you want i could even mail you a final copy. free of charge just bored as hell. Note: not great with faces.
#8558 to #8397 - Ninotori (07/23/2012) [-]
You use etching? Or I bet you probably use linoleum. I like linoleum for the easy carving and durability. You can do more interesting things with the ink too.

This is old, but this is a linoleum print I did. The rubber let me leave the ink watery looking which turned out to be an interesting effect.
User avatar #8624 to #8558 - pheonixinstinct (07/24/2012) [-]
wow, thats good. im really just getting started, i am using linoleum.
User avatar #8666 to #8624 - Ninotori (07/24/2012) [-]
Eh, it's not the most amazing thing but I apreciate the compliment :) Try messing around with the ink now and then, it produces interesting results.
User avatar #8693 to #8666 - pheonixinstinct (07/24/2012) [-]
thanks for the tip, will do
#8399 to #8397 - ninjajunkie (07/21/2012) [-]
Seems like this wouldn't be too hard, I think.
User avatar #8442 to #8399 - pheonixinstinct (07/22/2012) [-]
is this the image you would like done? if so message me
User avatar #8443 to #8442 - ninjajunkie (07/22/2012) [-]
Was just posting something to give ideas, didn't expected delivar. I would like more info on this cool sounding project tho.
User avatar #8445 to #8443 - pheonixinstinct (07/22/2012) [-]
its a common school art project, use cutting tools like an exacto knife to remove pieces and create a picture, then you take ink and a roller and put the color on the carving press evenly to leave the ink on the paper. simple.
User avatar #8464 to #8445 - ninjajunkie (07/22/2012) [-]
Neat. I've tried woodcuts but too tedious/unforgiving for me. Post pics, regardless of what you make. Sounds like that method could produce some interesting effects.
#8416 to #8399 - kkitkat (07/21/2012) [-]
User avatar #8418 to #8417 - kkitkat (07/21/2012) [-]
Ooooh thank you! :)
#8419 to #8418 - ninjajunkie (07/21/2012) [-]
no thanks needed, but, thanks.
#8423 to #8419 - kkitkat (07/21/2012) [-]
Haha :D yo dawg, i heard you like thanking people so i thanked you for thanking me so you can tank me whilst thanking you.
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