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#14018 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
How many of you guys have studied anatomy and practiced the human figure, or at least own a tablet and have some semblance of drawing skills?

I see this entire board as being a place where people just try to dump their crap for butt pats from everybody who actually doesn't know what they're doing.

It makes me sad
#14158 to #14018 - geddiz (09/27/2012) [-]
Workin' on it, dude. I do a lot of boring practice work but really I'm just a beginner!
Here have a WIP study thing.
Disregard the annotation, I talk to myself a lot.
User avatar #14101 to #14018 - kyrozor ONLINE (09/26/2012) [-]
I'm weird at it, I'm not a massive fan but I don't want to draw regular sized humans most of the time, truth be told I'm not "Bad" per-say at drawing people, I'd like to sink my time into drawing landscapes and maps and concept art for my game projects, but alas I really can't do it, and have no idea where to start with things like landscapes/etc without drawing like I'm six.
#14102 to #14101 - kyrozor ONLINE (09/26/2012) [-]
This is a little guy I doodled to make into a 3D model a few weeks ago
#14039 to #14018 - oneeyedfreak (09/26/2012) [-]
Bitch, I studied anatomy for two years, from bones til' muscles, I know the human face structure by heart and attend hour long 3min sketching sessions every week in our Uni.
I don't post my work here, however, because I don't need butt pats from people who know little about art. I can just point out mistakes and give advice that everyone will probably ignore because it's not a generic "good job, just needs more practice!"

pic related - it's a charcoal portrait I did for my studies.
User avatar #14069 to #14039 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
Then you're of the awesome few that I can relate to, thankfully. Fantastic portrait, by the way, I wonder, did that take multiple modeling sessions to complete or was it a rather fast completion?
User avatar #14084 to #14069 - oneeyedfreak (09/26/2012) [-]
Two sessions = 6 hours, if I remember correctly.

P.S. I never though I'd meet someone who dislikes anime too.
I think It's an animation student thing =)
#14087 to #14084 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
User avatar #14091 to #14087 - oneeyedfreak (09/26/2012) [-]
I'm gonna get thumbed down, but... I despise it. Most of it. It's a cheap moneymaking mockery of animation. There is barely any movement, the characters are all flat and cliche most of the time, it relies too much on overused plot devices and the only thing I can respect it for is pretty backgrounds.

Also I hate the art style, but that's my personal thing
User avatar #14095 to #14091 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
I feel exactly the same way, anime is a pretty atrocious "art" form. Although I do respect Hayao Miyazaki for his immense talent, everything else is practically crap. I can't stand that you could look at two completely different series with two different teams and lead artists and find that half of the characters look nearly the same or that the themes in the shows are practically the same. There's no variance in it at all.

I find that although Western Animation is usually used to spoof pop-culture and is meant for a younger audience, it's still vastly superior in almost every fashion.
User avatar #14097 to #14095 - oneeyedfreak (09/26/2012) [-]
Miyazaki's characters felt alive, they had facial expressions, for Christ's sake! And the stories were quite engaging too. Oh my God, Spirited Away was one of the most original things ever, and no, it's not overrated, it really is great.

Too bad they don't make big-budget animated films that are not CGI. Although, the French still do that once in a while. Have you seen The Illusionist? If you haven't, WATCH IT, it's absolutely amazing.
User avatar #14098 to #14097 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
The Illusionist was absolutely brilliant! It's really a shame that most studios these days prefer to rely almost solely on CGI animation in films and shows. I know it sounds stupid, but I've had a dream for the past several years now that as soon as I can finish college I want to start up an animation studio to bring glory back to traditional animation.
User avatar #14099 to #14098 - oneeyedfreak (09/26/2012) [-]
You can't blame them, it's cheaper, faster and easier.

Good luck with that then =) I had the same dream several years ago, but I figured I shouldn't hurry, there are other fields of art I would like to explore and I can't decide between film or gaming industry.
User avatar #14043 to #14039 - greatboobya (09/26/2012) [-]
I feel so inferior. However, I wouldn't mind a constructive critique from an experienced person like you.
User avatar #14019 to #14018 - klondikemonster (09/26/2012) [-]
User avatar #14020 to #14019 - maguswaffy (09/26/2012) [-]
Well, there's no rule that states that the artwork has to actually be "good".
I do hate it when some sloppy fan-art receives more attention than an original work, though.
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