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#58734 - alleksi (27 minutes ago) [-]
#58733 - cthumoo ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
Just wondering if anyone has any tips for the way I'm drawing hair. I like to keep it simple but still look right, like I don't want tons of strands. Generally it's the ends (the circled bit) I have a real problem with. Also beard tips, I feel I have the moustache how I want it, just the beard and the way it connects to the mouth looks weird.
#58732 - usarmyexplain ONLINE (2 hours ago) [-]
I anyone good at video editing?

Years ago some people I knew made a tribute video at the end of a deployment. The problem is that the deployment wasn't over, after they finished the video somebody else died and they never added his picture or name. If I provide the video with the picture and information about the guy in the video here can anyone edit in the picture and name of the dead guy?
Pic related, it's SSG Jeffery Hartley
#58731 - wiseguyy (3 hours ago) [-]
Party Pete from Regular Show.
User avatar #58721 - lordnerevar (7 hours ago) [-]
Would anyone be willing to turn a sketch of mine into a line art for me so I can color it digitally? It's a fairly simple reference sheet for a character of mine. It would mean a lot to me, since I don't have a program I can do it in...
Or, if someone could even try coloring it, that works too!
User avatar #58728 to #58721 - alleksi (3 hours ago) [-]
How are you going to color it digitally if you don't have the software for it?
#58726 to #58721 - anonymous (4 hours ago) [-]
I could give it a go
You should post the sketch anyway so people might just try it before getting too comitted to doing it for you
User avatar #58723 to #58721 - yuvesh (5 hours ago) [-]
download firealpaca or paint tools sai or GIMP and do it yourself
that may have come of as rude, but i meant it in a kind way
User avatar #58727 to #58723 - thegrohltroll (4 hours ago) [-]
Wow #rood
#58720 - energytwinkie (8 hours ago) [-]
half assing EVERYTHING I DO SINCE 1997
#58717 - drillaz (9 hours ago) [-]
Ok, here we go:

I need a silhouette picture of something cool. Preferably 3 colors or less, but no more than 6. The picture must be large, when completed I will scale at my leisure. Plan is to print this picture out in 9 parts so I can make a poster for my friend. The mediums I will be using are of no importance to you. Keep in mind this is not a request, this is a demand.

Thank you for your time
#58735 to #58717 - cthumoo ONLINE (7 minutes ago) [-]
You sound like Rocco from Mega64
You sound like Rocco from Mega64
#58729 to #58717 - thisisbait ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #58724 to #58717 - ohmeghon (4 hours ago) [-]
the hell is this
#58722 to #58717 - drillaz (6 hours ago) [-]
Incorrect response
User avatar #58718 to #58712 - rokkarokkaali ONLINE (8 hours ago) [-]
fuck off, satan
User avatar #58715 to #58712 - luckybastard ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
#58714 to #58712 - fortes (18 hours ago) [-]
Looking nice dood.
#58710 - Residentpudding (22 hours ago) [-]
Here's another one/
#58711 to #58710 - drillaz (21 hours ago) [-]
Well, if it makes him happy
#58707 - kidmorbid (07/30/2014) [-]
Hey, I wanted to ask if someone could draw a slutty Snufkin for me, just a request

pic related
#58705 - alleksi (07/30/2014) [-]
animu replacing my drawing time so I just did some quick imagination stuff. You like the dog. It's my masterpiece.
#58704 - anonymous (07/30/2014) [-]
Is there a way to get manga studio for free?
#58702 - Residentpudding (07/29/2014) [-]
User avatar #58730 to #58702 - thisisbait ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #58706 to #58702 - eatcawk (07/30/2014) [-]
what the fuck
User avatar #58709 to #58706 - Residentpudding (22 hours ago) [-]
Thank you!
User avatar #58700 - gunz (07/29/2014) [-]
Hey guys i was wondering if theres a similar program to 'Character Maker-How to draw' which is an APK and ive tried to make it work on a PC but no luck, therefore if any of you guys might know of something similar?
#58698 - energytwinkie (07/29/2014) [-]
fixed/edit V1
User avatar #58716 to #58696 - luckybastard ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
he looks like the type of guy you see in sci fi adventure cartoon movies
User avatar #58693 - NinjaSharkie (07/29/2014) [-]
Really into real life painting and I'm wanting to do a few different canvases of close ups of animals, I've already done an owl, any ideas for other animals, I thought a tiger but I'd like a few more ideas, will post progress
#58689 - shadowfireball (07/29/2014) [-]
and here in the wild we see the dying fu- i mean the flying duck
very majestic, but not as majestic as the rare space duck
July 29, Flying Duck
#58686 - Nahyon ONLINE (07/29/2014) [-]
W.I.P. thing
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