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#86475 - rasins
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(4 hours ago) [-]
#86473 - ScottP
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(8 hours ago) [-]
Finished inking it. Gonna do colors this weekend maybe
#86472 - dickswissmcgee
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(9 hours ago) [-]
Working on the next page of my comic thing, realized this was basically me in school.

And now I pay the price by being a starving artist, hooray

This is a sketch. Also she has cow ears. The original idea was she was a cow-girl. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Hoods are so cute and yet so difficult to draw
#86471 - trisketthebiskit
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(9 hours ago) [-]
sketch before i get ready for classes to start back up tomorrow glad to be back at it
#86465 - notmuffincannibal
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(11 hours ago) [-]
I've been using FireAlpaca as my drawing software, and it feels limited, it gets the job done when editing memes, and the layers really help, but it seems like it's just a step up from MS Paint. Got any recommended software, preferably with good painting tools? Been meaning to get into painting.
#86470 to #86465 - trisketthebiskit
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(9 hours ago) [-]
Clip studio is something i can't recommend enough, paint tool sai is good as well. clip studio has sales all the time and i upgraded to the EX version for like 80 dollars when it was on sale a few months ago maybe wait for their next one and grab it.
#86469 to #86465 - ScottP
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(10 hours ago) [-]
I use Clip Studio because their inking tools are great and easy to use off the bat. I got it for about $15 on sale so you can wait until they bring it back down to that price
#86468 to #86465 - pewtersprite
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(11 hours ago) [-]
I find Clip Studio to be a blast. It costs a bit, but it's on sale pretty often. Easier to use than stuff like Corel Painter, way more intuitive, very similar to FireAlpaca in many ways, but more powerful and versatile.
Most of the brushes for paint and such feel very organic, doing ink and watercolors feels pretty damn nice. :d
#86445 - attackofthejello
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(19 hours ago) [-]
When your stuff only gets downvoted on reddit so you cry and come here
Critisism always welcomed
#86464 to #86445 - anon
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(12 hours ago) [-]
Stay away from /ic/.

They even say lurkers there are the smart ones.
#86454 to #86445 - pickaxe ONLINE
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(15 hours ago) [-]
I like distorted stylization, so this should be right up my alley.
The plasticity is on point and the running colors add a nice touch.
It's great work, however, not very eye catching, I must admit.
I get that it's part of the painting, and it's supposed to be that way, it's just my own thoughts on why this wouldn't be so well received.
The execution is great, but it's sorta' unclear what exactly you were going for, if that makes any sense?
#86451 to #86445 - neppynep
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(15 hours ago) [-]
I can't actually tell if you were trying to make the anatomy abstract and deformed or not.
#86463 to #86451 - attackofthejello
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(13 hours ago) [-]
I started painting this wih no reference or outlines so once it started looking deformed I moved towards making it look intentional and as stylized as I could
#86447 to #86445 - alcoholicsemen
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(19 hours ago) [-]
i couldnt make this
fuck reddit snobs
#86446 to #86445 - ScottP
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(19 hours ago) [-]
I think the colors look great, but there's a strange perspective thing going on with the head and the rest of the body not sure if you were going for a very stylized look or not
#86450 to #86446 - anon
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(16 hours ago) [-]
I agree with each point.
#86444 - dashcamp
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(20 hours ago) [-]
Another practice sketch, this time is side view

left is with references while right is mostly using my own style. It is pretty difficult getting the jawline right :/.

Tell me what you think, and maybe what you feel to be 'off'

I suck at drawing ears, also, ignore neck
#86461 to #86444 - pickaxe ONLINE
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(14 hours ago) [-]
looks fine to me.
Just don't get too used to sidemouth. It currently works well with your style, but I've seen some examples of peeps keeping it when the rest of their style has become more complex.
It starts lookin' weird at a certain level is what I'm saying.

No complains about the Jawline.
#86476 to #86461 - dashcamp
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(1 hour ago) [-]
yeah, I like using that kind of sidemouth because I prefer to keep mouth section as simple as possible. You're right this "sidemouth" would not do well at later stage, thus I need to work it one step at a time, maybe when the "sidemouth" doesnt fit anymore
#86449 to #86444 - anon
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(16 hours ago) [-]
I think you should shrink the eyes a little, even while drawing in a non-realistic style.
Remember, the eye is a sphere; you can see very little of it in a profile shot. The pupil also isn't right on the surface of the eye, it's level with the iris.

Memorizing the structure of a skull is quite useful, it'll help you place the jawline and other features correctly. Highly recommend :]
#86474 to #86449 - dashcamp
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(6 hours ago) [-]
I used 'anime' eyes too much that I am completely oblivious to how eye is a sphere, thanks for reminding me. I will try to make another one with that concept in mine.

Also, that guideline is also what I used, mouth with jaw, nose with ear and eye. I guess my only trouble now is the width of stuff.

Also, that's a great copy dude
#86440 - pewtersprite
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(20 hours ago) [-]
Legion launch hype! Been drawing WoW like a mofo...
#86448 to #86440 - pewtersprite
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(18 hours ago) [-]
Moar hype. My leveling squad!
#86435 - alcoholicsemen
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(21 hours ago) [-]
how i spent the morning
mecha maleficent
#86439 to #86435 - anon
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(20 hours ago) [-]
The fire could look better with some lighter values. It's pretty saturated and dark right now. Also, seeing as you've used the smudge tool on the inside part of the fire, I recommend removing the linework and smudging the edges as well. Makes for some great looking flames.
#86427 - nexuiz
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(08/29/2016) [-]
#86438 to #86427 - anon
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(20 hours ago) [-]
I really like this one. Nice stroke economy.