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Could someone kindly tell me what Clannad is about?
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Season one is about a high schooler who is essentially just floating through life, not caring about anything, when one day he meets a girl and suddenly everything starts to change, little by little. It's a harem show so he ends up meeting different girls as well, going through a part of each of their arcs until he ends up with one of them. The second season is his life together with the girl he chose.

It's a great entry level show that makes you want to delve deeper into the drama/romance genre.
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Dopey girls with really wide heads getting romanced.
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and cockroach hair
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I know this description kinda sounds gay but watch clannad its damn good

"Tomoya is labelled as a delinquent at his school because he is constantly late and skips classes, but he seems to have little care about how others perceive of him. Everything in his life seemed dull and unchanging until one morning he meets Nagisa Furukawa on the road to his school; he finds her muttering to herself to give her more motivation for the day. She has an odd habit of saying the names of foods she is going to eat to encourage herself. Nagisa has been sick for almost a year last year and subsequently has to repeat her third year of school. But now all her friends have graduated and she feels alone. For some reason, after hearing Nagisa talking to herself, Tomoya becomes interested and befriends her.

Following this meeting, Nagisa decides to revive the school's drama club. In his attempt to help by recruiting new members, Tomoya befriends several other girls at the school, two of which have their own mysterious past.
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It's about love. That and potentially making you cry like a small school girl.
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Nothing at all, don't watch it
Its all forced drama and incredibly overrated
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it's about dem feels.
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