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User avatar #10516 - staticstyke (06/16/2012) [-]
anyone have had goosebumps because an anime you're watching was so.. awesome?
User avatar #10598 to #10516 - cyclonike (06/16/2012) [-]
One Piece, Drum Kingdom arc. Luffy climbing up drum-shaped mountain with hardly any footholds or cracks in the rock for him to grab, WHILE carrying two of his friends, one strapped to his back, the other being held up by Luffy's teeth. (biting the clothes.) It is not something that can be adequately described with words.
User avatar #10664 to #10598 - mattmuch (06/16/2012) [-]
Strange. Before your comment I was thinking of the scene where Wapol shot at the flag and Luffy just stands there and says "This isn't a flag you can break down and then laugh at"
User avatar #12777 to #10664 - cyclonike (06/18/2012) [-]
Oh yeah, that was awesome too.
#10553 to #10516 - thundagawd (06/16/2012) [-]
Probably everyone has, yes.

One of my favorites had to be when Komuro uses Rei as a Tripod/Shock absorber for HER sniper rifle in Highschool of the Dead, on top of the obvious emphasis on tits, it simply made for an awesome standoff XD
#10568 to #10553 - gravediggernalk (06/16/2012) [-]
All my YES
All my YES
User avatar #10530 to #10516 - idelki (06/16/2012) [-]
Multiple times.
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