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User avatar #96001 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
Hello everyone! This is but another comment asking for advice with women, who'd have guessed huh? I'll try to keep this short, I met my cousin's friend and we've been talking for about 2 weeks. Things are going pretty well but I want to show her I'm interested. I would just say it but I'm 17 and she's 20 so I want to wait until I'm 18. My birthday is October 27th.
User avatar #96012 to #96001 - fillelindome (09/17/2013) [-]
Well you can still date people, without actually having to bang them... and if she is also underage then i persume there is no problem
User avatar #96014 to #96012 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
I'm the one who's underaged, but she might have a problem with it. I don't want to bring it up and get shot down because of that.
User avatar #96015 to #96014 - fillelindome (09/17/2013) [-]
If she is much older, than it can be a problem, and eventually if you start going out she will find out about your age.
User avatar #96017 to #96015 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
She's 3 years older than me. I'm pretty sure she knows how old I am now, she knows I'm a senior in high school at least.
User avatar #96004 to #96001 - stripey (09/17/2013) [-]
That's quite the wait
User avatar #96005 to #96004 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
Yes, yes it is. I was hoping if I threw her some signs she might take notice of them.
User avatar #96007 to #96005 - stripey (09/17/2013) [-]
That sounds like the rational thing I suppose. Keep talking to her, if she seems interested in you too.
User avatar #96008 to #96007 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
Any tips on what kind of signs I can drop?
User avatar #96009 to #96008 - stripey (09/17/2013) [-]
I think it depends on the situation and who you're talking If she sends you pictures, then compliment her, stuff like that.
User avatar #96010 to #96009 - spellingspetsnaz (09/17/2013) [-]
Alright, thanks for the help man. I really appreciate it.
User avatar #96016 to #96010 - stripey (09/17/2013) [-]
Sorry I couldn't help more, good luck dude.
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