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User avatar #9425 - desievil (07/02/2012) [-]
OK guys i need help. Im a total pussy when it comes to girls. There is a girl i really like but i dont know what to say. If you guys can comment and tell me what to say that will be great. ill update on how the convo goes. only dubs will tell what i say.
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User avatar #9442 to #9425 - HerpusDerpus (07/02/2012) [-]
**HerpusDerpus rolls 18** Bitch you a straight up busta
#9441 to #9425 - anon (07/02/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolls 38** I wish to plant my seed inside of you.
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#9437 to #9425 - anon (07/02/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolls 12** I'm a pussy.
User avatar #9433 to #9425 - reghost (07/02/2012) [-]
just say what you want like you mean it she's not gonna want to go out with a brick wall,just relax and be honest and if she rejects you for who you are then she's not worth your time.
#9429 to #9425 - IronWill (07/02/2012) [-]
"Hey, I like you. I think you're beautiful. Would you go out with me?"
Say it like you fucking mean it. Get some balls of steel, man. Being pussy won't get you girls. If she said no then she said no and there's nothing you can do about. Don't be afraid of rejection or you're going to regret doing nothing.
User avatar #9634 to #9429 - hongtonggobblenuts **User deleted account** (07/03/2012) [-]
If she says no, then what does he do?
User avatar #9428 to #9425 - jjjseven (07/02/2012) [-]
**jjjseven rolls 93** I have a longing in my pants for you that can only be described as a lauch from a NASA spaceshuttle
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