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User avatar #80218 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i never wanted to do this and im surprised im posting here
but im at the end of some kind of imaginary tether and i dont know what to do
i cant sin and kill myself, and i cant become mr popularity because ive seen myself and decided it wasnt right
stuck between a rock and a boulder
User avatar #80231 to #80218 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
cut your arm off
like that guy in 127 hours
you'll be famous
User avatar #80233 to #80231 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
my arm would have to be immovable
maybe ill be the boy who masturbated too much and had to cut off his arm
then save an old lady from being mugged
1 armed man doo doo doo doo doo
User avatar #80234 to #80233 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
you see you already have found a path?
now go, one armed man! save the world
User avatar #80235 to #80234 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
talking complete bollocks is a great way to forget but its temporary
dont think i dont appreciate it though
User avatar #80236 to #80235 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
eh anyway
just do the things you want to do
want to spend 20 hours on fj and stalking some guy? sure!
want to kill and eat twelve squirrels a day? go for it!

eventually you'll find people who have the same interest and you'll get bff's
User avatar #80237 to #80236 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i cant get past the fact that my head is screaming at me and trying to kill me
User avatar #80238 to #80237 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
tha fuck?

go see a doctor if your (second?) head is screaming at you
User avatar #80239 to #80238 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
the conflict between me and my other self is all i have left
i dont know what id be without it
User avatar #80245 to #80239 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
that's pretty deep
but don't kill yourself
why? well your death would be fucking pointless. your parents probably spend alot of time and money in raising you and if you kill of yourself now, you won't get to give it back to them (figurly)

just think as life as a game, right now you're stuck in a level for quite some time i presume, so try to beat the level. the next few after a hard level will always be really easy
User avatar #80249 to #80245 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
the only reason i would kill myself is to escape the pain of this, if there were any point of my death it would be to free myself
but suicide is a sin, and im just scared i dont have it in me to make it through
#80265 to #80249 - Rascal (06/20/2013) [-]
My mom just got locked up in an asylim (if thats how its spelled) my father died when I was 5 and I just witnessed her screaming like that girl from exorcist first hand while she was going half naked through the building, i posted my issue under , dont cry about meaningless shit, panzie.
User avatar #80251 to #80249 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
why the fuck would you kill yourself?

you can't JUST say because you want that, that's stupid
and if it's something else it's still stoopid.
User avatar #80254 to #80251 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i dont think its stupid to want to get away from pain and a bad life
User avatar #80258 to #80254 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
it is with suicide
that's a coward's way out
instead of trying to change your fucking life for the better you just say aww fuck it i'll jump of a bridge

you know how many people kill themselves over fucking nothing? (i swear if your saying it's because your getting fucking bullied or anything school related i'll kill you myself)

and if you just try to change it and look at it back in a few month's you're happy you didn't do it fagget
User avatar #80261 to #80258 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i tell you the gospel truth im trying hard to hold on with my other self telling me id be better off dead
theres no bullying, theres nothing external happening, the only external thing about it is me actually asking someone for help
User avatar #80263 to #80261 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
hang on

let me get this straith... they're is nothing wrong in your life, you just have a voice in your mind that's telling you to kill youself?!?
User avatar #80264 to #80263 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
its caused about everything thats gone wrong in recent years
theres been countless friendships ruined, and mistakes made because i cant deal with him sometimes
User avatar #80266 to #80264 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
fuck friendships
fuck 'him'

it's you who matters, just because you lost some friends (and im guessing your bf) and have no one now you just want to end it?

you know you'll meet new people, meet new friends, meet new hotter partners?

everyone will eventually leave you (except your family if it's a normal family your stuck to them) so don't cry about every fucking thing that changes

mabye now you can focus on making your dream happen? or making a career?
User avatar #80267 to #80266 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
thats a very thorough answer, but i just dont think ill find the answer im looking for here
thanks for your time though
User avatar #80270 to #80267 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]
nah usually friends on funnyjunk means just another word on your page
i don't needz no friends
User avatar #80268 to #80267 - kolimm **User deleted account** (06/20/2013) [-]

first you say you want to kill yourself and after all this shit i said you just say fuck you im logging off?

User avatar #80269 to #80268 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i said thanks, i appreciated you taking your time to talk to me, far be it from me to be rude even when i hit bottom
if you wanted me to say oh hey i feel on top of the world now, i cant, cos i dont, but i just wanted to go elsewhere
and didnt want to leave without saying bye
and hey if you wanna talk to me after this, feel free to add me, i got no problems with that
#80222 to #80218 - Riot (06/20/2013) [-]
Do some soul searching, find out what you want to be, then think of a plan to accomplish it. If you're at the point where you've at least entertained the notion of suicide, you have nothing to lose by trying.
User avatar #80227 to #80222 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i dont wanna be in the state anymore where my conscience is screaming at me all day that i need to die
id rather be dead
User avatar #80221 to #80218 - davvi (06/20/2013) [-]
do you really see no path inbetween becoming popular or killing yourself?
User avatar #80224 to #80221 - protravis (06/20/2013) [-]
i meant mr popularity by having any friends, any friends i make i just become something i dont wanna be
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