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User avatar #71806 - marinepenguin (05/12/2013) [-]
So, everything in my life is just wonderful at the moment. I have a great girlfriend, I'll be graduating from High School next week, I may go to state in track, and my plans for the summer are absolutely fantastic. But there is one problem, my parents lately have been unable to trust me because of my younger brother for some reason.

My younger brother (who's 15 btw) goes out all the time and parties, gets drunk, has sex, smokes, and generally gets in trouble constantly at school and even with the police occasionally. Which is a shame, since he is an AMAZING athlete and could get a scholarship to any Division 1 school he chose if he really wanted to in Basketball, Football, Baseball, or even track, he's that good. So my dad has always favored him over me, since I'm not the greatest athlete naturally (but I have made up for it by working my ass off and being good enough to start in most sports).

The problem is, that since my parents found out about his partying, they realized he is uncontrollable and virtually ungroundable, since he'll just sneak out no matter what they say. So because of this, they have been questioning everything I've been doing. They always ask if I've been drinking (I rarely drink, maybe once a few months), if I've been smoking (I HATE smoking, and would never do it), if I've been partying (only been to one party), and if I've been sleeping around (my girlfriend and I have sex, but we're safe about it, and we're both of legal age at least). I don't like this because they have literally no reason to doubt me, I get good grades, I have a job that I work hard at and have had for two years now, I'm incredibly responsible, I could live on my own and take care of myself fairly easily now, I have all my college plans prepared, I'm an extremely laid back, respectful, and good kid who really doesn't deserve to be doubted as much as I am. I can't really go anywhere, do anything, or try to hang out with my girlfriend without being questioned.
User avatar #71807 to #71806 - marinepenguin (05/12/2013) [-]
They think I do drugs and drink and do things that I don't, then when I try to defend myself they don't believe me.

So, the end question is, should I just move out when I have the chance? I'm going to community college in the fall and will be there for a few years. I'll have a full time job, and my girlfriend wants to get a job and help me get a place. I'm just tired of being doubted, and treated like the second best son in the house because I'm not as naturally athletic and good at sports. Opinions?
User avatar #71808 to #71807 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (05/12/2013) [-]
I think you need to go to your parents, and lay the fucking line down. Tell them you're not your brother, tell them you're responsible, tell them thats not who you are, be direct, be damn assertive, get fucking furious about this shit. Tell them you're just as good as him, that you're sick of being seen as lesser when you're doing far better.

If they don't listen, it might be time to move out.
User avatar #71809 to #71808 - marinepenguin (05/12/2013) [-]
I actually have done that, not to where I was furious, but I calmly told them that me and my brother are nothing alike, and that his mistakes should not define me. They just don't see reason. I mean, we all get along just fine, and it would be much cheaper to stay at home, but I hate how my parents don't trust me. It's the only thing that makes me want to leave, but its such a big thing to me that it makes me want to get the hell out.
User avatar #71820 to #71809 - VaultTechy (05/12/2013) [-]
I took off when I was 15 or so, there's no reason to have your success inhibited by factors that shouldn't attempt to control you so wrongfully at this point in your life.
User avatar #71815 to #71809 - jinjo (05/12/2013) [-]
I recently moved out, I'm 18, was 17at the time. Although I'm closer to my best friends and met the girl of my dreams, I think you should think long and hard before you decide to leave home. I honestly though it would be easy, and I could figure it out, but it has almost been as bad as y parents told me it would be.

Just be careful, and listen to EdwardNigma
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