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User avatar #5991 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I fell in love with my Cousin. Wich is quite sad for me because I really rarely get to see her.

She's a really nice person. She's really beautiful too.

What do I do?
User avatar #6118 to #5991 - carchariasthefurry (06/23/2012) [-]
Right, well ignoring that little tussle underneath this. Are you being serious or just joking?

Pretty simple. Figure out what kind of person she is and how she reacts to various situations. If you think telling her will have things end positively, go for it. If her reaction would range from "I.. uh.. sorry" to "Eww! Get away from me freak!" you should probably keep this to yourself and find someone that would be both socially and genetically acceptable for you to be with.
#6040 to #5991 - anon (06/23/2012) [-]

What are you, a redneck?
User avatar #6044 to #6040 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Do you think people come to advice board to get bullied? gtfo
#6045 to #6044 - anon (06/23/2012) [-]
Get over it, it's the fucking internet. And this site is meant for funny pictures, not a bunch of faggots giving sob/love stories.
User avatar #6284 to #6045 - carchariasthefurry (06/24/2012) [-]
This is the advice board.
User avatar #6047 to #6045 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
You are almost so stupid it's funny.
User avatar #6049 to #6047 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
You're the one supporting someone who's in love with his freaking cousin.
User avatar #6051 to #6049 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Yeah? And your point is? Give me one logical reason that you shouldn't be able to fall in love with your cousin. Let me guess, you're against gay people too?
User avatar #6053 to #6051 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
It's scientific fact that the resulting offspring from incest come out with mental or physical deformities. Apparently, you're too stupid to realize that, and jump to the "equality" claim. If the human race wants to be successful, they should eliminate threats to the advancement of the gene pool.
User avatar #6056 to #6053 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
It has been proven that if there is some kind of diseases such as cancer that may get a higher probability if it runs in the family. Studies show that children born with parents that are CLOSE family (brother-sister) have a higher risk of fatality and/or mental disease, NOT between cousins. Some countries even encourage cousins to have children. The only danger with cousins having children is that the fatality rate of 4% instead of 2%. And the thing is, this guy isn't saying that he want's to get his cousin pregnant, he is just in love with her, there is NOTHING wrong with that. FFS, get your facts straight.
User avatar #6071 to #6056 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
Cancer affects a large portion of the human population. Inbreeding isn't as wide spread, and with scientific progress, cancer can be vanquished, or even harnessed to improve humanity. Inbreeding between cousins may not cause side effects as bad as sex between siblings, but side effects are still visible and present.
User avatar #6073 to #6071 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Only if the inbreeding continues over generations.
User avatar #6086 to #6073 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
It's better to stop the defective mutations before they happen, you idiot.
User avatar #6041 to #6040 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I'm immune to trolling. But nice try.
User avatar #6048 to #6041 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
>Implying I'm trying to troll.

I simply asked a question. You're the one over reacting. So much for "immunity".
User avatar #6025 to #5991 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Well, to disagree with Misslady. I think it's alright. Love is a natural feeling that you can't control, And it's not like you're siblings. If you both like each other in that way, nothing should stand in your way. Just because your parents are siblings, that doesn't mean that you can't fall in love with her. Try to talk to her.
User avatar #6039 to #6025 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Wait, I'm getting thumbed down because I think you should be able to love whoever you want? seriously?
#6043 to #6039 - anon (06/23/2012) [-]
Maybe it's because it's against nature and it's abnormal. Incest is disgusting and should be illegal. If some lunatic falls in love with his dog, should he be allowed to fuck it? Lol, no. People need to stop being so blind when it comes to "love".
User avatar #6046 to #6043 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Well, we are biologically programmed to fall in love. Falling in love with a dog is an entirely different thing, since it's not of the same species. If anyone is being a redneck here, it's you.
User avatar #6072 to #6046 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
Yeah, but not have sex with a direct relative. There are still retards who get a hard on for animals and fuck them then claim it's okay because they're in love with them. Same goes for rednec... I mean inbre... I mean "close relationship" couples. Lolol. It's okay to have high affection for a relative, but don't consider going on a fucking sexual relationship with them.
User avatar #6074 to #6072 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
He's not saying he want's to fuck her, he's in love and want's some advice, be nice to the guy.
User avatar #6087 to #6074 - renegado (06/23/2012) [-]
The whole reason we fall in love is to reproduce. It's driven by subconscious instinct.
User avatar #5999 to #5991 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
Is she a related cousin? Because there are ones that aren't related with you at all but are still your cousins?
User avatar #6095 to #5999 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
You can still love someone even if you don't want to fuck them.
User avatar #6001 to #5999 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
She is quite related.
User avatar #6004 to #6001 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
I don't know. It's sort of wrong for me to fall in love with a related to you person. Does someone in your family know?
User avatar #6006 to #6004 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
Not really. They all know we like and respect eachother, but not really like that.

It feels really weird to me. She is a lovely person, and i'm a sensible one. I haven't met in my life a person that would fit me as much. She is peaceful and wonderful.

I really don't know what to do. Should I act or try to forget about this totally?
User avatar #6008 to #6006 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
You both can be best friends or something. But I think more than friends is too much. Think about her, but as a friend who you respect and trust. This is all I can recommend you to do.
User avatar #6009 to #6008 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I would wish to, but what really hurts me that I don't really get to see her or spend time with her. She lives a little far and I only see her when there's a Birthday at my uncle.

It would be really fine if I just got to see her a little more. Even if she would ignore me.
User avatar #6011 to #6009 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
Do you have her facebook or skype? Some way you can communicate?
User avatar #6012 to #6011 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
Not really. Not even her phone actually.
User avatar #6014 to #6012 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
i think you should talk to her more. when you get a chance, get her phone or facebook so you can talk to her more without waiting for her on birthdays.
User avatar #6017 to #6014 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I will try my best to do that, as a shy person.
It's hard because if I just rush asking her ways to contact and stuff everyone (including her) will realise that I like her (even only by seeing the way I act when around her)
User avatar #6019 to #6017 - missladyhalmighty (06/23/2012) [-]
I think you should act natural. I know it's hard when you're shy but you have to try.
User avatar #6021 to #6019 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
It's really hard to, I'm shy mostly because many years in which people have made fun of me on almost anything and when I fell in love, i wrote a long letter describing how i feel and sent it to her. She never replied. She went away from the school I was in. And she never really talked to me again. I really don't know what happened.
User avatar #6031 to #6021 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Well she probably didn't leave the school because of you. I know it feels bad when you think its wrong to love someone. May I ask, how old are you? Because people stop bullying you about love when you get a bit older.
User avatar #6032 to #6031 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I would like to tell you, but i can't. People really go rushing on me if I tell them my age before getting to talk to them for a while.
User avatar #6034 to #6032 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
That's okay, well I'm 16, and people usually don't bully you for that kind of stuff, unless the're assholes.
User avatar #6035 to #6034 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
My classmates are all assholes.
User avatar #6036 to #6035 - screamingdemon (06/23/2012) [-]
Sorry to hear. well, you don't really have to tell them about it.
User avatar #6037 to #6036 - mrsonic (06/23/2012) [-]
I don't even try to talk to them. Nor want to.
#6030 to #6021 - awesomebubbles (06/23/2012) [-]
i think your wrong about her know you like her, as long as you too get along well in person if you ask for her number or skype she probably won't thin much of it as long as you not too feminine about it.
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