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#52183 - gravityfalls (02/02/2013) [-]
alright i hate doing this but i need help. I am a teenager with no freedome, im adopted and i hate my bio-mom. Ever since i turned 11 shes been a bitch to me and she hits me, she screams when i do my best and doesnt support me. I have a dreem of being a stormchasser/meteorologist and a photographer, she crushes that. I get yelled at for having 2 f's but i am working on it. it will b 10:30-11:00 pm and i will still b up doing my homework, and its one of my classes that i have an f in. i feel like i have to b perfect to satisfy her, but thats hard for me. ik its not that big but i feel like it is. i get yelled ather and i try to fight back but its no use i cry myself to sleep almost everynight and i get bulied at school alot. im not for sure what to do. i feel trapped in a world of hatred and no love, but i know that i cant change me just for someone else if ur this far down thanks for reading my story and pls if u can help me out pls do. oh and she gets my bio mom involved and they both scream at me, no body has faith in me at all and i feel left out cause no on loves me but 1 person and yeah thats a dif story and she takes everything away from me like my ipod, FREEDOM and my fb, also i cant go anywhere i feel like im on house arrest but if u can plz help me thanks for reading this story
#52375 to #52183 - bathoryhannibal (02/03/2013) [-]
It sounds like you are living in a physically and emotionally abusive home. I would suggest contacting children's services. The laws vary from state to state, (or country to country, I don't know where you live), so you may want to look into the laws in your area. You do NOT deserve to be hit or bullied. If you are feeling suicidal (many people in your situation would), PLEASE contact the suicide hotline. 1-800-273-TALK this is the number for the national hotline. I hope things get better for you.
#52392 to #52375 - gravityfalls (02/03/2013) [-]
thank u soo much for ur help my mom has loosened up since last night and i think it was funny but she emberessed me in front of my bf today lo lhis parnets told me bout when he was a baby lol it was funny
User avatar #52216 to #52183 - robotzombie (02/02/2013) [-]

ahhh! this is the internet so listening to just anyone could make things even worse!
Dude "fight back" as in physically? I promise you that THAT will make you hit rock bottom, and boy its not something you wanna experience. Unless of course these bullies at school are hitting you, then fucking wreck them. I'm sorry to hear that you find yourself crying to sleep, thats awful and I've done it alot too. Given the information that you have no freedom, your bio mom abuses you and your not doing so hot in school brings me to believe that your in a messy infinite loop that keeps dragging you away from your dreams. Well unfortunately it seems like your in no position to be leaving the house anytime soon so ill tell you this:
You want to be happy correct? Reaching your goals in life (whether theyre big or little) requires you to be stress free. When youre less stressed you are much more likely to think more clearly/ get more sleep/ interact with friends positively (allowing you to do better in school)
The cause of your stress appears to be your bio mother because your mostly around her.
Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress- I, for example zone out and mute my parents voice out, when I've decided I've had enough I'll interrupt their rant by burping, walking away, and when they tell me to come back i'll say "I looove yoouu!" even if I dont mean it and then continue on into my room and shut the door.- Of course everyone is different and the ending result may not be the same. If you can, use reverse psychology. neglect the shit out of her and keep to yourself, really really try to do good in school but dont show off your progress to your mom. Let her find out for herself and show her your a grown man who deserves his freedom.
#52218 to #52216 - robotzombie (02/02/2013) [-]
Other ways of blocking out negative feelings/thoughts/stress is surrounding yourself with things you love (favorite colors/objects/people/places..ect) even going out for a stroll helps you clear your mind and think of solutions. Its good to get away from everything for a while, but dont let yourself get used to it otherwise you'll forget responsibility and procrastination will only make you fall behind. just take as much time as you think you need. Meditation "soul and mind" stuff does sound cheesy but it really does help you relax a little, I'd look into it
User avatar #52207 to #52183 - gggman (02/02/2013) [-]
Fighting back is really your only option bro. No matter how bad. The only reason she finds it so east to oppress you like that is because you just sit there and take it man, you gotta say something back, and if you have to, physically fight back to protect yourself.
User avatar #52195 to #52183 - theangryrussian (02/02/2013) [-]
you are going to fight back. You aren't going to sit there and take it. If she so much as lays a FINGER on you you are going to smack her right in her bitch face. If she attacks you after that, you kick her right in the tit.
#52257 to #52195 - gravityfalls (02/02/2013) [-]
thanks guys i just feel trappped in a world and she is so mean but its funny cause later she tryes to act all lovey dovey and it pissess me off
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