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#42192 - TheCynic
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(12/11/2012) [-]
You guys aren't going to believe my issue.

I've been growing my goatee for awhile now. I am so very happy with it. And then girlfriend has a rash on her boobs. We're pretty sure it's because of my beard poking them. I am not kidding.

I don't want to lose my manly chin hair, but I will if it means boobs. But before I do, I just have to know if there's anything I can do, be it using conditioner or grooming it or some kind of shit. Anything to make my goatee softer and not hurting my beloved boobs- er, girlfriend.
#42221 to #42192 - lastofthedovakhiin
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(12/11/2012) [-]
Use womens' hair products on it when you wash and wash it morning and night. Your goatee will be soft and shiny. No lie.
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