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#41187 - alphajunk
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(12/05/2012) [-]
So today was a fucking embarrassment.. (true story)
I came out of high school at 5:20 with my brother (Me 16, Bro 15)tired and hungry.
We were walking home,but i stopped at the park to do something quick.
After that and a long 20 minute walk, i was close by my home.
Out of nowhere
We knew the little nigger cause he lived in our neighborhood.
(13 year old ghetto black kid with a basketball in his hand coming straight towards us)
He came up to us and wanting to fight us saying "WICH ONE OF U FIRST?"
"...the fuck?" i imagined this fucking kid must be joking. Unfortunately he wasnt...
He tried to kick my ass by punching me and kicking me hard. Posting up serious
"Im tired right now,maybe next time" Laughing while saying this,he punched me in the chest while i looked down at him and i told him that.
"na nigga,i wana fite now!!1!" (This wasn't the first time,dont know whats his problem)
Me and brother were too tired to beat this little punk. I tried to aim for the house to regain my health and strength,but behind me like a monkey. He grabed my legs (Wrapping himself to it)
My bro grabbed him like a baby and threw him off me. He then try to kick my brothers ass,but his attacks didnt even cause damage to him. (Useless as shit)
My bro and i walked towards my house finally as the nigglet left us .
We didnt feel manly at all, we felt like some big pussies walking away from a little cunt like that. Some strong guys 6ft tall just walked away from THAT THING!?

What do we do FJ to stop this little nigger from doing this again? I wanna end this shit
(I dont wanna fuck him up then to call the bigger niggers to come fight us,and its just sad to kick a little kids ass)
#41286 to #41187 - techketzer
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(12/05/2012) [-]
Headfirst into a trashcan should do the trick.
#41252 to #41187 - DasSpiel
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(12/05/2012) [-]
Burn a cross in his yard.
#41213 to #41187 - thisisspartah
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(12/05/2012) [-]
pick him up and throw him away, force him to leave, make sure its a good throw
#41192 to #41187 - JustForTheLulz
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(12/05/2012) [-]
Next time, overpower him and subdue him without actually beating the shit out of him. Hold him there and tell him you don't want to fight him, but that you're sick of his shit and want him to back off.