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User avatar #37000 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
So I was trying to save my game on an Emulator (Shift+F1) but I think I missed, and it changed the normal chrome color to what it is now, and also when I hover over the chrome Icon at the bottom, it doesnt display an image of what sites im on, just the title of the page. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out what I f'd up.
User avatar #37026 to #37000 - natanhiel (11/14/2012) [-]
I'd try Video Games board for stuff like this.
User avatar #37001 to #37000 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
I'd post a picture, but apparently I'm not allowed to.
#37006 to #37001 - tommay has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #37005 to #37001 - medewu (11/14/2012) [-]
have you already tried to do what you did and do the opposite like repressing shift+f1? im not quite sure umm take a screen cap and then put it on a tinyurl or something so we can see, also google it as well, I'm sure someone else has done this before
User avatar #37009 to #37007 - medewu (11/14/2012) [-]
hmmm that is quite strange, I have had that problem before, not sure if i remember how to fix it! though, have you tried rebooting your computer it could possibly be just a glitch?
User avatar #37011 to #37009 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
I just shut down the emulator and it went back, so all is good, thanks a lot for trying though.
User avatar #37010 to #37009 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
Not a glitch, it said something about having to switch to Windows 7 because coloring issues with the program I was running (Or something like that), and I assume it is the Emulator. I cant Reboot the computer because it is not mine and is password protected.
User avatar #37012 to #37010 - medewu (11/14/2012) [-]
Ahhh okay, what OS are you running? cause It has done that once to me on W7 but never again, well hey at least i tried haha well have a good night fur bro!
User avatar #37013 to #37012 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
I dunno the OS, it's my mothers custom built comp, but she insists on calling it a rig.
User avatar #37286 to #37013 - gallifreyan (11/15/2012) [-]
A lot of emulators (Visual Boy Advance for example) revert your color scheme back to what's called "Windows 7 Basic" to keep the emulator running smoothly with your machine. That causes all the "special" features of Windows 7 to disable. This mostly has to do with the emulator being able to run on older machines with older Operating Systems, so it's not really 'compatible' with the extra features.

Although it seems like you've solved this issue, maybe this will serve as an explination?
User avatar #37287 to #37286 - tommay (11/15/2012) [-]
Thanks, very informative.
User avatar #37288 to #37287 - gallifreyan (11/15/2012) [-]
I figured I could try.

I completely freaked the first time it happened to me, but at that time I happened to be part of a forum that explained it all.
User avatar #37014 to #37013 - medewu (11/14/2012) [-]
No clue then hahaha I know when i open up my Xsplit to broadcast it changes the back color and some things but after i close it everything goes back to the Normal.
User avatar #37008 to #37007 - tommay (11/14/2012) [-]
Thats what I did, and I did try to re do what I did, but no luck
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