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User avatar #26553 - dingdongsingsong (09/12/2012) [-]
how do i add a gif to a comic ?
User avatar #26557 to #26553 - koobzacc (09/12/2012) [-]
You make the whole comic a gif, but only animate the parts of the comic that you want to move
User avatar #26558 to #26557 - dingdongsingsong (09/12/2012) [-]
but where D: ? totally new to this thing
User avatar #26560 to #26558 - koobzacc (09/12/2012) [-]
I've never done it before, but that's what I would do. You go frame by frame, placing the gif in the same spot, and make the whole thing a gif even though not all of it is animated. Look up "How to make your own gif" on youtube or google for video tutorials; they will be much more helpful than us talking to you.
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