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it's amazing. just yesterday, i felt like i normally did, kind of bummed because i didn't have much of a drive to push me forward in life or motives. but then, after finally getting through this fictional story someone made, i finally found something to live for in life.
others. that's right. others. i've realized my true purpose in life, to care for, provide for, and do what i can for the ones that matter most to me. i feel like a new man. no longer do i feel like i don't know what to do in life because i've figured it out. i could never live for myself. if i just do fun things all the time, which is living for myself because i'm trying to give myself personal satisfaction through having a good time, i end up getting bored and feel like i'm doing nothing meaningful. but now that i have this new purpose, this motivation, i feel like i can take on the whole world, and you can bet that i'm gonna do it. no matter what the cost to myself, i'm gonna fight for my family, friends, and my God (christian(not the asshole/stupid kind(i try my best to not be a total dickwad))). i don't care what i do in life, as long as it takes care of those closest to me. this is my purpose. i realize now that it makes me the most happy, to make others happy.
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