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User avatar #21828 - duggiefresh (08/22/2012) [-]
just need tips on how to hit on a girl. bottom line, my friend had been texting her and sending her pictures of me and she thinks im cute and said straight up in the text she wants to fuck. (i read the texts at a bar a lil while ago) not afraid to talk to her in the least bit because i know i can fuck her and know she wants it. me and my friends are gonna be at a bar this week and shes gonna come. need some tips on how to talk so i dont come off like a creep/pussy.
User avatar #21899 to #21828 - Chickensandwich (08/22/2012) [-]
I wouldn't even act like I know she wants me if I were you...It's a good secret weapon to have in my opinion. I would just play it like a regular date, but then maybe push things a little bit you would normally not due to not knowing if the girl was into it. This should make things easier...use it to your advantage.
User avatar #21904 to #21899 - duggiefresh (08/22/2012) [-]
i dont have much dating experience thats my problem. so i dont really know what to talk about
#21888 to #21828 - asdfghjklzx (08/22/2012) [-]
You must be the dominant.
#21830 to #21828 - anon (08/22/2012) [-]
You already know she wants you, so you can probably just be direct.
User avatar #21833 to #21830 - duggiefresh (08/22/2012) [-]
the texts my friend said were direct but im not gonna just tell her that straight up wen i see her. i need to make some small talk first which is what i have trouble with.
#21836 to #21833 - anon (08/22/2012) [-]
Alright, so since it's already pretty much in the bag, you don't necessarily have to do any work, you just have to not screw it up.
User avatar #21837 to #21836 - duggiefresh (08/22/2012) [-]
easier said then done in my opinion. im not nervous at all, im just trying to figure out wat to say for small talk so i figured id come here.
#21838 to #21837 - anon (08/22/2012) [-]
What I said before wasn't very clear. I'm not very good at small talk, but based on the details you gave, you don't have to worry about trying too hard.
User avatar #21879 to #21838 - fluttershyandsuch (08/22/2012) [-]
What does she like to do in her free time, whats her favorite tv show and why, does she play sports, what would she name her children if she had any, does she enjoy reading? Is she excited for the hobbit movie? How does she feel about cartoons in the newspaper? Do guys enjoy sex more than girls? Whats her favorite sex position? Does she have any fetish's? Then go fuck her.

User avatar #21903 to #21879 - duggiefresh (08/22/2012) [-]
all i know so far is that she a kid and likes to watch cartoon network. shes 24 with a daughter and apparently she loves sex
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