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#19733 to #19729 - anon (08/12/2012) [-]
oh don't worry, it's really easy to do once you know how. if you have never been on this site before, you may experience the trouble that you are having rite now. or if perhaps you have been on this site for a long while but have never payed attention to certain details about the site, you may also experience this. there's no need to feel bad ,however, for not everyone knows every single thing. so for today, i will be your guide. because i worry so much about my thumb count, i will instruct you via anon in preparation for the instance that people find me to be a faggot or dumbass for helping you for some reason or in the instance that people just feel like being a complete dick. human nature tends to lean towards this dick like nature. first and foremost, click the edit profile button located near the top of the screen on your profile page. second drop an image onto the area indicating to do so. this will allow you to add a profile picture. if i am correct, this should allow you to have a profile picture now.
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#19735 to #19734 - anon (08/12/2012) [-]
you are quite welcome, sir. i enjoy helping other people. i hope that you enjoy your new avatar. lucky i was here to help you so quick. sometimes one may ask a question or ask for advice and may end up waiting hours for assistance or even may receive no assistance whatsoever. you may be wondering to yourself, "Why is it anon is speaking in such a gentlemanly manner that is so classy?" you may also ask, "Why is anon asking as if he expected me to pay attention to that or really care about his mannerisms?" well i must inform you that the reason why I am doing so is not because it is my natural tendency, although i am quite well in speaking in such manners. the reason is actually because i really just feel like speaking this way for no particular reason. perhaps i have bipolar disorder and because of this unknown existence within myself of such a thing I tend to behave in many different ways and feel one way one moment and in the next moment feel a completely different way. so really, it's just by chance that you have managed to acquire such a "Sir" like anon. as i have said before, enjoy your new avatar.
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in which case i am very well pleased that you are satisfied with your new avatar. may this website funnyjunk bring even more pleasing results for you in the future.

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