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#19712 - John Cena (08/12/2012) [-]
why do we take so much pleasure in causing other people pain? we mock people who are being mocked. we attack people who cannot defend themselves. i hate all this bullshit. i have tired from the dicks of the internet. i've grown weary from the onslaught of this world. will i ever kill myself, probably no. i could never bring myself to harm anyone but myself, yet in an ironic way, by not pulling the trigger, i've left myself to attack some more. i know if i pulled the trigger there would be those flames of hell for me. if i ever did what i so desperately wanted to do, which is end my pain, i would only bring myself more. I've never been able to avoid the fate of suffering these sharp words. the cold cold steel that brings a pain worse than that of an actual blade. yet although i would love to give it all away, i've never been able to do so. i never could bring about myself to cause others harm. even those who have brought the same to me. i would rather be beaten senseless than to know so much hatred exists. i wish that i was free of my wits. for if i had the same understanding as a four year old. maybe i wouldn't know of such pains and miseries ever even existing. yet not only is it my suffering that has caused me such turmoil, it was knowing that it ever existed in this world. to know that others have been through the same, even far worse i must say. i always thought of myself as weak and consistently undermined myself of all good things i've ever done and all abilities i've ever had. so not only was i weak in taking and dealing blows, I was also weak in the words that have been thrown. I've always been so mad at certain people especially for their actions of not caring. I always thought it to be such a dick thing. thinking back on it now, I believe it's because secretly i perhaps envied them. they had such ability to not care for anything. for me, I always took those painful words anyone would ever throw and bottle them up inside. i believe i secretly hated myself
#19793 to #19712 - chubbylittlemonkey (08/12/2012) [-]
For the lulz
#19736 to #19712 - ihopethisworks (08/12/2012) [-]
because in the most simplest terms, humanity is flawed
#19742 to #19736 - John Cena (08/12/2012) [-]
yes. yes it does. if only i was able to do something about that. or perhaps if only i was able to hold some of the qualities that these dicks possess, which is to not care at all. i always hurt myself so. giving myself so much woe. to bear a burden that never needed me to do so. i keep on rhyming probably to give some meaning Oh-oh oh. but seriously though did it again. fuck. i wish that i didn't live in such a world. a world full of hatred and evil. i wish i could live in a world where the sun shines each day. where people say hello instead of shouting hey. for people really just don't seem to give a fuck in this world. and i can never keep up to it. i can never care as little about what others to do me as they do. i could say goodbye, but never will i pull use that gun. perhaps i should remove it to avoid temptation. for if i were to go, i would like it to be quick and painless. but i must stay. for the one's who endure receive the reward in the end.

-sad and depressed anon
User avatar #19714 to #19712 - hybridboxll (08/12/2012) [-]
Because you don't use proper formatting and paragraphing. Fix that wall of text.
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