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User avatar #160002 - ihaveablackfrend ONLINE (16 minutes ago) [-]
Is it weird to have a blood fetish? I mean like when girls spread fake blood all over themselves usually for cosplay, I get the biggest rager. don't turn this into a sick period blood joke
User avatar #160003 to #160002 - axeul ONLINE (8 minutes ago) [-]
Well at least you can love your woman every day of the month

In all seriousness I'd say it is weird, it's not common and it seems a strange thing to get off to for me but whatever floats your boat. As long as you're not going around cutting people up to fap to their blood who cares?
#159998 - thebroble has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #160000 to #159998 - makotoitou (53 minutes ago) [-]
because new pokemon soon
User avatar #159999 to #159998 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (57 minutes ago) [-]
Why should you?
#159991 - xxxsonic fanxxx (1 hour ago) [-]
Do people actually look better as the day goes on?
User avatar #159992 to #159991 - sugoi (1 hour ago) [-]
Depends on what you do.
That is a silly question.
#159969 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
Is it ok if I ignore my friend/crush for some time to see if she will ever start a convo with me? 'Cause 'tll I have to be the one who starts the chat every fucking time... (of course she might just be shy and think I'm mad at her, but idk she doesn't seem like the girl that wouldn't chat with someone when she wants to)
User avatar #160001 to #159969 - yakubkiller (52 minutes ago) [-]
slowly pull your denim down & ask if she enjoys the angle of the dangle.
User avatar #159986 to #159969 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Girls love it when the guy texts them first because it shows interest

Unless its something where she clearly hates you
#159980 to #159969 - genericnewfag (2 hours ago) [-]
if she was into you she would talk to you
if she was into you she would talk to you
User avatar #159993 to #159980 - sugoi (1 hour ago) [-]
genericnewfag and you're the only one giving good advice.
If anon listened to any of them, she's just gunna see him as a needy weirdo.
#159979 to #159969 - jushius (2 hours ago) [-]
sure! ignore her and let someone else move in on your prize!
never give up, anon
User avatar #159970 to #159969 - focalanemo (3 hours ago) [-]
Don't ignore people
#159959 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
Okay I need some help, I'm in my last year of school and I've never had a boyfriend (I'm a girl) and I don't want to leave school having never had one because everyone I've said this to is like " ....WOW.... That's really sad....". I'm a little socially awkward and I don't know many single guys. All the ones I do know are part of a group that I'm trying to avoid because the main person of said group is an ass. Can one of you please tell me a quick easy way to get a boyfriend that doesn't make me come across as a slut. (I'm about a 6/10 just so you know all the facts)
User avatar #159987 to #159959 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Don't fucking go for the quick and easy shit it's just no bueno

Take your time and find someone you truly like and don't avoid them just because they have a weird friend or two

Some people date alot and others just get the one instantly, its something that comes naturally in life
User avatar #159981 to #159959 - genericnewfag (2 hours ago) [-]
it won't make you look like a slut, it will make you look like a massive bitch.
User avatar #159962 to #159959 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
talk to single guys

If you really are a 6/10 then it is impossible for guys to consider you creepy, regardless of their attractiveness.

If you cannot find any single guys, you are looking the wrong places. There are tons, everywhere. If none at your school suit your desires, find some activity to do that involves a group of people - like a sport or a hobby-group
#159966 to #159962 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
I've tried talking to guys but they never really show any interest which was fine until this year. How do I talk to them in a way that'll make them see me as somewhat girlfriend material
User avatar #159971 to #159966 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
Talk to them, then give them a hug when you leave. If you make it seem like you are interested in one of them, it is common that they become interested too. I cannot tell you how many times i, at least, have started liking a girl just because she showed what i thought of as signs of interest. If that fails, try to talk via some sort of social media. It tends to help the guys if they are somewhat shy or socially awkward.
#159975 to #159971 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
Ok I'll try that thanks man
User avatar #159977 to #159975 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
np, and good luck. Hope it helps
User avatar #159974 to #159971 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
Also, forgot to say - just get involved in what they are saying, and share personal experiences. Just have a normal conversation - as long as you seem interested in what they are saying, it works
User avatar #159965 to #159962 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]

try to hang out with the single guys at your school, and if main guy turns bothersome, tell him how much of a fag he is, then leave. He will probably me made fun of for being a sperglord
#159967 to #159965 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
I go to an all girl school
User avatar #159968 to #159967 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]

misinterpereted your comment. Hang out with the single guys you KNOW, then do the same shit
#159973 to #159968 - xxxsonic fanxxx (3 hours ago) [-]
but when I talk to them they're never interested
#159947 - xxxsonic fanxxx (4 hours ago) [-]
I need some help here.
So I am texting with a girl for quite some time now, our situation is rather complicated and all and i don't want to go into great detail here so I am cutting the information.
She may think I asked her out but I didn't realize that and now she isn't answering.
It went like this:
-random conversation-
"I am at a friends house right now, are you free this evening?"
I may be overthinking this but need to hear some thoughts.
User avatar #159988 to #159947 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
I don't understand the issue
User avatar #159949 to #159947 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
what are you saying

how is this a problem

you can get a score
#159950 to #159949 - xxxsonic fanxxx (4 hours ago) [-]
I asked her like 6 hours ago and only realized it now. The evening is over, I fucked up.
User avatar #159951 to #159950 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
Tell her you your phone died and your parents/ family came for a surprise visit, and that you are sorry for not being able to tell her, but that you can do something tomorrow
#159952 to #159951 - xxxsonic fanxxx (4 hours ago) [-]
The thing is, I already texted her after this, thinking everything was alright and she understood me the way I meant it. So to be exact, I asked her if the dishes were clean now after "i asked her out"
User avatar #159953 to #159952 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
Ok. So everything is fine now? If not, tell the truth. It is often the best choice
#159954 to #159953 - minutes has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #159955 to #159954 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]

then just tell the truth, bro
but, if she seems flustered, say you can go out another time
#159958 to #159955 - minutes (3 hours ago) [-]
Guess I will talk to her tomorrow or something. Thanks for the input.
#159960 to #159958 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
np, even though it is worth next to nothing...i am completely inexperienced with talking to romantic interests
#159972 to #159960 - minutes (3 hours ago) [-]
Me neither man. She's like the first girl I have no problem texting with, but it's really complicated as already said isn't it always complicated?

Advice isn't about your personal success, it's about the fact that you are trying to help, that you are listening, mostly. You're doing good work and I am sure we will someday get lucky too.
User avatar #159937 - weirdvintagegirl (5 hours ago) [-]
I need assistance, /advice/. I've liked my friend Logan for a year and a half now. He's the sweetest, kindest, most handsome and talented guy I know. However, last year when I told him I liked him, he told me he didn't feel the same way. Obviously I was upset. I really hoped I'd have a chance with him since we have so much in common. But later he met this girl named Ali and they started to date. As much as Logan liked her, she was not a nice girl and was always jealous and catty. She also had something out for me. She was convinced I was always trying to break them, that I was out to get her, etc. I would NEVER do that. Eventually she broke up with Logan, and he was glad because he is sick of her shit. She's tried to get back together with him multiple times but he won't go for it. And just 2 weeks ago she told me she hated me. I have done nothing - I don't talk to her or anything. Anyway, I learned the reason that Logan doesn't want to date me is because he's scared we'll end up like he and Ali did. The thing is, I would never be jealous or catty like that!! I care about Logan so much and I could never, ever hurt him. My affection for him is so strong and everyone tells me he also liked (stil likes? who knows) me, but it doesn't sound like he wants to go for it. It's causing me a lot of heartbreak. It feels awful to want something you can't have so strongly. I've never cared about a boy as much as I do him. I'm so sad and confused about all this. I don't know what to do.
User avatar #159942 to #159937 - zarnvendk (4 hours ago) [-]
where did you find out that Logan didn't want to date you because he was afraid? it sounds really odd and you should consider whether or not it might just be an exuse because it's difficult to tell people that you're not interested. On the other hand if it really is the case you should try to go talk about it with some of his male friends or even try to talk to him directly. I would have told you to try and get over him but ill be the first to acknowledge that love works in stupid and inconvenient ways. Hope it helps
User avatar #159961 to #159942 - weirdvintagegirl (3 hours ago) [-]
My best friend Kameron, who's also Logan's best friend, told me. It does sound odd, doesn't it? Either way, I'm really sad he doesn't wish to date me. He calls me beautiful all the time and tells me how wonderful I am but all it does is hurt me.
User avatar #159941 to #159937 - eejivus (4 hours ago) [-]
That sounds so horrible, I'm sorry for you.

If it's been a year and a half I think that maybe you shouldn't keep your hopes up, I know that it feels like you wanna die but you can't wait him forever. Guys tend to say that stuff when they aren't ready for a relationship. I'm sure he loves you as a friend but you really can't do very much to change his mind. I'm sorry I can't really help you more, but I suggest that you just try to move on no matter how hard it is. You can't just wait and be heartbroken all the time.
User avatar #159963 to #159941 - weirdvintagegirl (3 hours ago) [-]
He's going away to college next summer, too, so I have to do something before he moves away! We do get to go on a trip to Europe with school so I'm hoping something will happen then....but knowing how things work and with my luck, it probably won't. I really want to kiss him at least once before he leaves, just so he knows how much I care about him. I've never kissed anybody before but I really want to with him.
User avatar #159940 to #159937 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
i know that feel...

The best you can do is to ask him once more, and if he denies you, find someone else. I know it is hard, but you seem strong enough. I know i could not handle my crush going out with anyone else...i would probably become a jealous little shitbag and vow to beat the fuck out of him...luckily my crush seems single, but there are a few faggots approaching her...

Anyway, most loves last only about 2 years at most. With time you will find someone else - until then you have to try to remain open. Try to talk to the guys that approach you, whether they seem like bf material or not. It helps a lot to be open minded, and i cannot even begin to tell you how much guys like girls who seem interested in what they are saying.

User avatar #159964 to #159940 - weirdvintagegirl (3 hours ago) [-]
I'm too shy to ask - I told him how I felt in a letter I wrote him. I feel like I can express my words better in written form than out loud, but the best way I can express my feelings is physically....and I don't think I should do that. I don't want to scare him or make him angry or anything. I'm super sensitive and I hate it when people are upset by me so I get really shy and scared.
User avatar #159976 to #159964 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
Well, if you have not already done so, give him a hug when you leave after school/work/university or whatever. I can tell you this much about guys - as long as the girl is not repulsively ugly, we appreciate physical contact. It heightens self-confidence and gives an all around feel of alpha-ness. It is definitely not something that would make someone angry.
User avatar #159978 to #159976 - weirdvintagegirl (3 hours ago) [-]
Oh, I give him at least 5 or 6 hugs a day. He's the best for hugging. Taller than me (he's maybe 5'9 or so, I'm 5'1), nice and strong....he also lets me touch his butt too. And he's touched mine a few times. It's rad.
#159906 - dehumanizer (6 hours ago) [-]
>tfw no gf

its never ever gonna happen
User avatar #159989 to #159906 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
You're not Joshlol so yes you will
#159984 to #159906 - genericnewfag (1 hour ago) [-]
#159912 to #159906 - xlordsmithx (6 hours ago) [-]
Try to stop fapping to porn one month... and tell me again you have no gf.
#159916 to #159912 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
If anything thats only gonna make things worse. Are you saying i will get one if i stoped rubbing the rod?
User avatar #159939 to #159916 - drastronomy (5 hours ago) [-]
Actually, yes

3 weeks ago, i had surgery, and had a catheder. I could not fap for a week. On day 4, i started talking to my crush over snapchat. I got the balls (that were the size of softballs at that point) to ask her out. She said yes, although she did not consider it a date, since that they tend to be a bit awkward. It went successfully, and we are hanging out pretty often now. I can see it moving the right way, at least.
#159946 to #159939 - dehumanizer (4 hours ago) [-]
I've asked out my crush 6 times and got rejected erry time. I think stopping will only make me go after her again.
User avatar #159956 to #159946 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
also you should have stopped after 2

any more is sperglording
User avatar #159948 to #159946 - drastronomy (4 hours ago) [-]
then move the fuck on

the reason you dont have a gf is that you are trying to get with someone who does not like you back. Try someone else.
#159921 to #159916 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
Ok ... let me draw you a picture in Days:

Day 1: ok i stop fapping... what a crap
Day 3: wtf, what is this feeling... damnit i must fap!!
Day 8: Grrr damnit i want to fap so hard... i have to do something
Day 15: Fuck it, im going to talk to ... nah damnit i can't
Day 22: Grrr ok fuck it... what can possible go wrong
Day 28: Ok... well she did't want to talk to me... that hurts... but ... i can't fap damnit
Day 30: Ok fuck it i'll do it again ... she looks nice... -> later hmm that was a quiet nice chat with her
Day 32: OMG FINALLY i don't have to talk to women again... fapfapfapfafpapfap
User avatar #159934 to #159921 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
fuck are you saying lol
#159923 to #159921 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
So it will make me want to talk to girls but i'll act even more autisticly?
#159924 to #159923 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
recherche it for yourself... i can only show you the door..
#159926 to #159924 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
I have before and it didnt help. I stoped for about 3 months. It was because i was very depressed and suffering from crippling alcoholism, crying and drinking was the main part of my day. Getting back to fapping was a step to normality. AND STILL NO GF!
#159931 to #159926 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
But if i have to be honest... your problem is not not having a gf... it's just a tip of the iceberg. But as i said, i'm not even slightly the right person to give advice about things like this. =/
#159938 to #159933 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
keep it up... :| life sucks sometimes
keep it up... :| life sucks sometimes
#159945 to #159938 - dehumanizer (4 hours ago) [-]
Atleast it will end.
#159928 to #159926 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
have you tried AA?
#159929 to #159928 - xlordsmithx (5 hours ago) [-]
Nah sorry... i don't have any clue what you went through... don't take advice from me ;)
#159930 to #159929 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
Well its pritty much over, i've conqured my drining and dont really do it anymore. It was because unrequierd love. >tfw no gf on steroids
#159911 to #159906 - misticalz (6 hours ago) [-]
Yesterday I made my gf cum 9 times
#159914 to #159911 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
Yeah sure you did.
#159918 to #159917 - misticalz (5 hours ago) [-]
My bud just knows.
User avatar #159995 to #159918 - teoberry (1 hour ago) [-]
yeeee nig.
#159919 to #159918 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
What really happened.
User avatar #159920 to #159919 - misticalz (5 hours ago) [-]
what are you asking
#159922 to #159920 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
w/e you say i dont belive u
#159925 to #159922 - misticalz (5 hours ago) [-]
I dont need you to believe me
nigga cant even get a gf
User avatar #159935 to #159925 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
hey he sent that to me bitch
User avatar #159932 to #159925 - ferrettamer ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
yo wtf he has snapchat and doesn't have me
User avatar #159994 to #159932 - teoberry (1 hour ago) [-]
whats your sn name
User avatar #159996 to #159994 - ferrettamer ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
james.hopkins69 :^)
#159927 to #159925 - dehumanizer (5 hours ago) [-]
>implying its not all about luck
User avatar #159913 to #159911 - ferrettamer ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #159902 - Giganova (6 hours ago) [-]
Okay, so, a friend of mine has a halloween party next week, but I absolutely hate parties. I tried to dodge the question but he called me and I agreed out of panic, so now he expects me to come. But I'm just so scared of going, I don't know what to do. If I call him, he's the type of guy that'll just keep asking why and coming up with reasons why I should still come. If I don't come, he'll call me where I am and the last thing ensue's. If I make something up he'll get suspisious and maybe hold a grudge.

What, the fuck, do I do.
User avatar #159990 to #159902 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
Family emergency
Don't have time to explain
#159985 to #159902 - genericnewfag (1 hour ago) [-]
be stern and say no, fuck off
be stern and say no, fuck off
#159904 to #159902 - xlordsmithx (6 hours ago) [-]
In my opinion you have three possible solutions

#1: Be fucking honest and tell him you fucking hate parties. (but if you tell him this way he will be pissed and never ever invite you to anything.)
#2: Make shit up (that's stupid)
#3: Tell me why you hate parties. Then i will tell you what you can do.
User avatar #159905 to #159904 - Giganova (6 hours ago) [-]
First of all, I am socially awkward as hell, and I mean really fucking shy. There will be only 3 people there that I know, and not even good friends. I'm so, so bad at making new friends or chatting with strangers, that I mostly just stand somewhere waiting for it to be over.
#159908 to #159905 - xlordsmithx (6 hours ago) [-]
Hmm ok ^^ fuck it i retyped this 3 times...

Think about it: Do you like beeing shy? Don't you hate it to avoid beeing at gatherings like this? Shouldn't it beeing fun meeting new people... get to know them a bit... and if you like them hang out with them... if you have the feeling, he or she is all about things you don't care about... well ... toss them away ^^

Ok now to my possible solution:
Go there... have a drink ( i hope your legal) meet 2-3 new people... ask what they like to do ... try to sort them out... if you like one, he might be like you and he kinda likes you and your interests... ( same or different gender)... try to make it a game... sort them out... and btw don't drink that fucking much ;)
User avatar #159909 to #159908 - Giganova (6 hours ago) [-]
Thanks, ofcourse I'm legal and I don't drink that much, but I thank you alot for your advise, I'll try to remember it when I'm going there.
#159910 to #159909 - xlordsmithx (6 hours ago) [-]
yay my Karmalvl just doubled... keep your head up ;) hope you have fun
User avatar #159899 - derpityhurr (6 hours ago) [-]
is it bad that my shits have been sludge for the past month
User avatar #159894 - oborawatabinost (7 hours ago) [-]
I've heard that internships is where it's at. I've even heard about people getting them straight out of high school. I'm a sophomore in college, and I'm starting to think a college education is overrated. At least it is in 'Murica. Anyone know more about internships?
User avatar #159897 to #159894 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
They're great for while you're going to college.
It shows that you're striving for more.
User avatar #159900 to #159897 - oborawatabinost (6 hours ago) [-]
There's been some here, but nothing relevant to my major, or close enough for me, since I don't have a car.
#159893 - atonial ONLINE (8 hours ago) [-]
Alright, /advice/, I have never been good at sticking with anything, an I've been labelled as a quitter, but so far, my favorite thing to learn was martial arts more specifically, kickboxing and kempo karate . I would like to get into a martial art that was more "modern," as in, used by a military at some point in the past 30 years. I've been looking into Krav Maga or Systema which is what I am leaning towards I also own some military surplus Army and Marine hand-to-hand combat manuals that I've been reading/testing with friends. I would like to know which one I should get involved in, I'm looking for something efficient and will help me get physically fit.

TL;DR: should I take Krav Maga or Systema, or is there a better option for martial arts that are usable, but unique enough for someone to not know my moves?
User avatar #159882 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
Is it legal to stab someone who breaks into your house in Illinois?
User avatar #159884 to #159882 - pumkinz ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
yes, but if there body leaves the house (ie, burglar breaks in, shoot, falls out window) its illegal. Its wierd
#159881 - xxxsonic fanxxx (9 hours ago) [-]
Is it possible that trying to whisper/be quiet with my voice can strain it to where I can't sing?
User avatar #159885 to #159881 - garroshhellscream ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
Yes, its worse for your voice to whisper then speaking normally
#159880 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
#159874 - awesomanium (11 hours ago) [-]
FJ how do I small talk   
Like, I'm not socially inept, if I'm in a group I can have a conversation and joke around and whatever, and I can have a conversation with someone if they start it   
But I fucking suck at starting conversations   
How do?
FJ how do I small talk
Like, I'm not socially inept, if I'm in a group I can have a conversation and joke around and whatever, and I can have a conversation with someone if they start it
But I fucking suck at starting conversations
How do?
User avatar #159875 to #159874 - drastronomy (10 hours ago) [-]
"Done anything fun over the weekend?"

User avatar #159877 to #159875 - spaceking ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
"Done anything fun over the weekend?"
"Yeah, I went on a hike with my friends to Gull peak, it was fantastic, how about you?"
"No I just kind of hung out..."

Conversation is kill, what now?
User avatar #159878 to #159877 - drastronomy (9 hours ago) [-]
"Have you hiked for a long time, or was it just a one-time thing? (share personal experiences if any)"
User avatar #159869 - trapuke ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
Alright /advice/ I really need your help.
This is a long shot, but just listen and give me a chance please.
Not many of you probably know me but I am always acting happy.
I do everything possible to make others happy, but I myself and miserable.
I am not really suicidal but I do not care to live.
I have worn this mask of happiness for a long time.
At night I always get super depressed, if I am not talking to people then I get sad.
I can't think too straight, so you kinda get the idea.
I need some advice on this please. I am seriously at a loss and I can't keep doing it.
User avatar #159944 to #159869 - trapuke ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
Thank you all for helping.
I am going to try some of your solutions and see what helps
User avatar #159901 to #159869 - braveblue ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
Mmm do you feel truly alone? Like no one understands you? That's what it sounds to me. I also get bored and lonely when i'm not talking to people. There is really no point in living but I've never thought about suicide. I'm just waiting for the world to take me and in the meantime i'm just living life as it comes to me. For me i'm just waiting down the clock and living my life as I want to.
#159898 to #159869 - xlordsmithx (6 hours ago) [-]
Yeah btw... like zarnvendk said... find your inner problem. Just go one evening think about yourself and what you want to acomplish in your life. What have you ever wanted to do. Are you afraid of doing that? Why? Is it worth it to throw away your life, because it's to frightening to do this? What can happen if you try to do this one thing?...

If you ask me, Life sucks hard. Rich people get more rich, poor people get less... wanne try to change this? Go politics! Want a lovely gf? First of fix yourself and then try to get yourself a gf... or bf ^^ if your a girl. Want to drive a porsche? how do you get money? Shit working? nah... try to be creative and sell paintings... or fucking do music... it worked for way worse people who can't sing... wanne realy doing good? try to fix ebola... try to fix aids... wann go smaller? help homeless people, older people.. help children... wann have more authority? be a police officer... wanne fix the word, but don't go politics? be a journalist...

shit, the world if full of things you can do, but first of you have to know what you want to do!

^^ shit yeah, i kind of can relate to your state... my earlier posts represent what i learned the hard way... try everything once! And by that i don't mean especially drugs ;) we live in a crazy time... never in history it was that easy to become what you wanted... you wanne know how nuclear power plants work? learn it ... you wanne know how the world works? learn it...

in my example i study informatics... don't have the money to study? fuck that... have some free lessons ... build an app... become better... get a better job... get some reputation... ?... profit..

you wanne do something with people? talk to motherfucking a lot of people... but you are kind of introvert... well then your fucked... ... nah just kidding ^^ i said before...

It all comes down to one thing: What do you want to do with your life?

PS: if you find mistakes in my english ... you can keep them.
User avatar #159943 to #159898 - trapuke ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
Thank you, I will try some of what you suggested.
Thank you for taking the time to listen.
#159896 to #159869 - xlordsmithx (7 hours ago) [-]
so... dopamine receptors.. aww fuck it... i'm lazy today... you might want to recherche this for yourself... but in general this fuckers urge you to find new stuff... get new things... explore shit. And guess what, if you ever got this feeling that you had to do one more click after you clicked one more funnyjunk/9gag/whatever funny site... your kind of hooked on this arrousal addiction thing.
I'm no scientist in this field, so better look it up for yourself. But what i want to get across is that you get this numb feeling if your addicted to something... your senses become numb and your feelings become ... like you said "you don't care"...

^^ if you realy hate your situation right now... i can only give you this advice:
recherche arrousal addiction / nofap and try it for one month...

i know there a shitload of people telling you it is okey to fap to porn and stuff... but let me tell you something... it might be, but not in this kind of addicted way...
anyway or you might just be drepressed... ;)
hope you get better
#159895 to #159869 - xlordsmithx (7 hours ago) [-]
Hey trapuke... first of... i don't like any kind of esoteric healing stuff... but this, i tried for myself quiet some time...

Things to keep your body/mind healthy:
- Drink min. 3-4 L water a day
- Go jogging or something
- Don't throw garbage into your body
- Get your Dopamine desensitivity to normal levels (nofap/arrousalAddiction)
- get 7-9 hours of sleep
... and there was something more, i can't recall just now

anyway just some quick expl.:
-you know this totally stuffed feeling after a burgerking binge eating? ... yeah but this is fucking shit, because you feel nothing better after it.... well i could go on with the shit people tell you to eat right and so on... all i can tell you is -> try it for one week...

-work out... yeah this sucks i know... but if you ever were trimmed and began to eat again and you gain weight above your ... well i call it feeling good line... you become lazy bag of shit and don't want to do anything like sports... you just have to cross the line to the healthy side of life... again this is just my opinion

-drink a motherfucking load of water... but please not more than 3-4 L a day... that could fuck things up... again... it's kind of the yin yang shit ^^ anyway... if you drink that much you have to pee a shitload of times... good thing, because it washes your body free of bad chemicals ;) your kidney collects that stuff and your bloather(sorry my english sucks ^^) gets rid of them..

ok so if your body is healthy you will feel more active, loaded, ready... or something like this ^^
-sleep... this sucks for me the most... in my head it sucks to go sleeping early, because i miss soooo much, but in truth you are missing nothing... you just steal yourself some pretty good sleep -> and btw look shit up if you sleep not enough you kill your mind... get demotivated and shit. So go fucking sleeping! hardcore...

-now to my all time favorite... your dopamine receptors... just wait for my next post ^^
User avatar #159879 to #159869 - zarnvendk (9 hours ago) [-]
It might be an idea to try to find the core or the source of the problem, whether it be common moodswings, lack of social life or a recent tragedy with family or friends? finding the source of the problem often goes a long way towards fixing it
User avatar #159876 to #159869 - drastronomy (10 hours ago) [-]
dye your hair black and listen to emo music

that will show society

but srs look at the bright side, get some friends, exercise, etc
User avatar #159871 to #159869 - megasharkman (14 hours ago) [-]
Go to the gym
User avatar #159870 to #159869 - focalanemo (15 hours ago) [-]
Don't act happy but be happy.
Try fixing your problems ASAP so you don't have anything to be depressed about.
Always acting happy is also a bad thing it is normal to become frustrated, angry etc so you should do that too.

Some things cannot be changed/fixed though and the only solution to that is just come to terms with it.
User avatar #159856 - imadps (20 hours ago) [-]
I'm going to be homeless and probably heavily charged if I don't come up with close to $3000 by the 29th. What do I do? How do I prepare to be homeless? Should I rob a gas station or is that too risky? I'm really fucking scared to be homeless. I've always joked around on the subject but it's one of those things that doesn't hit you until you're there.
User avatar #159873 to #159856 - minorian (12 hours ago) [-]
Probably my best tip for a future homeless; fucking get a blanket in your backpack.
You don't know how much dick I would've sucked for a blanket, one of those first nights after I gave up the key to my apartment, and had to sleep outdoors for the first time in several years.
User avatar #159872 to #159856 - minorian (12 hours ago) [-]
Been homeless for some months now, 5-6, but life at a relative now. My advice is:
If family isn't an option, then watch out if you decide to ask friends for a place to crash.
You will quickly wear down your friendship without you notice it. So it may be hard, but if you told your friend you'd be gone by the weekend, be gone by the weekend (just an example).
If they are good friends, they will contact you again themselves, and ask how you are, and without asking for a place to stay, you can tell them you're still homeless, and they may offer help themselves again.

Public indoor places that doesn't have staff and doesn't close, like bus terminals, restrooms, etc, are really good places to crash. If you need free lunch, visit places that leave food out to attract customers, or visit social places, like the library or a frat house, where there might be snacks. I ate that way and spent less than 100$ a month on food for a year, when I lost my job. I kept my apartment for a long time that way, and it also helped me on the street.
User avatar #159857 to #159856 - saltybanana (19 hours ago) [-]
just save up money for a hotel meanwhile, or be prepared to live in your car

ive been homeless before and i was hella broke, not one dime, and to top it off my girl friend at the time left me for some other dude. it was hell for me man. i was so scared as well, but my best advice is to stay positive man. find a job/ call up friends if you can crash with them for the meanwhile. remember your not alone.
User avatar #159858 to #159857 - imadps (19 hours ago) [-]
I wouldn't be as worried if I didn't have my 1 year old sister and 4 year old brother living with me. I should've went to college right after highschool. At least then I'd have a few years to get rid of a debt rather than a few days...

I might have to put them into foster care and that makes me sick to the stomach.
User avatar #159861 to #159858 - trapuke ONLINE (18 hours ago) [-]
I went homeless.
I lived that way for a whole year.
Live in your car, Get a tarp and cover your windshield (it will make it look like someone parked it there for the winter)
Get a shit load of blankets. Put some up around windows (it will help hold in the warmth and will keep prying eyes away)
Get on food stamps, get on welfare, swallow your pride. DO NOT ROB ANYONE
You WILL Lose your siblings.
You will go to jail, and they will be without any family at ALL.
Get a job, if you can't. Go Door to door and ask if they will pay you to do some yard work, get a paper route. Get out of this shit hole fast.
Do not be stupid and break the law, they are looking at you, set a superb examble and show them no matter what it always turns out okay.
Always smile, make them laugh and take them anywhere warm for as long as possible.
Always keep at least 5 dollars in your pocket, a cop can not arrest you for "Loitering" if you have money. Claim you had the intent to buy, and that you were not loitering. They can not say how long you are allowed to look for what to buy.
I seriously hope you get out of this soon.
User avatar #159863 to #159861 - imadps (17 hours ago) [-]
Thank you. Fortunately, I live in the middle of bumfuck county where a lot of people are related so I might be able to shack up during the colder weeks.

Cops and shop owners dont care enough about loiterers.

Unfortunately, I lack a car. I might have to get in some fights just so I can get minor jail time so I can sleep somewhere. If worst comes to worst, there's always my ghetto dad in SK...
User avatar #159864 to #159863 - trapuke ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Do not get into a fight for a jail to sleep.
Go to churches, ask them for help.
Tell them your story.
I do hope you get a place to live in colder weeks.
I hope you get on your feet quickly.
User avatar #159865 to #159864 - imadps (17 hours ago) [-]
Hey, on the plus side, I'll probably lose some weight.

The local church is going out of service soon, I've heard. There's another one besides that but they don't perform as often, even though they're better funded.

I wish I had more valuable stuff so I could at least attempt to come up with 3k
User avatar #159866 to #159865 - trapuke ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
I'm not sure what to tell ya dear.
Just do what ever you can to get out of the hole, but do not do anything to destory your rep.
Otherwise you will never get out of the hole.
User avatar #159867 to #159866 - imadps (17 hours ago) [-]
If I have to I could go see my dad for work, but he's a piece of shit. He's been in and out of jail since I was 4 and in all these years we probably only have a few hours of conversation between us.

By work I mean selling tons of weed. I don't want to do that, but I want my siblings under my care more.
User avatar #159868 to #159867 - trapuke ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Just do what you have too.
Do not get caught doing what you must to survive.
Do not let them go into foster care.
#159854 - xxxsonic fanxxx (20 hours ago) [-]
Okay guys. I'm in deep trouble. I have a fat homework assignment due early tomorrow morning and I don't have the most recent edition of my textbook (my teacher doesn't accept homework that was done using older editions because some of the problems are different). The book I need access to is Chemistry A Molecular Approach, 3rd edition. PLEASE! And thank you!
#159832 - swiggityswooty (22 hours ago) [-]
ok, help me right now, usually i dont give a fuck what people think about me, usually i can just go and do whatever i want without thinking about the consequences, but tonight something changed for me. drugs fucked up my memory and all i remembered was that there was somebody who wanted to smoke with me monday. i tell this to my best friend and she gets pissed at me because i promised her i wouldnt, whch i havent. long story short we got into a fight and i think she gave up on me. if this were any other person i wouldnt care, but shes different, shes my closest friend, the only one who makes sense in this whole fucking existence for me at least, and I may have just drove her away with drugs. how do i get her to talk to me again, ive been sober for two weeks approaching three at this point
User avatar #159957 to #159832 - drastronomy (3 hours ago) [-]
why do drugs when you can mow a lawn
User avatar #159833 to #159832 - ilikethisusername ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
who cares fukken blaze it fgt

jk but if you really care about her, talk to her man. tell her how long you've been sober for and how much you've been trying. i'm sure she'll appreciate it
#159834 to #159833 - swiggityswooty (22 hours ago) [-]
i just told her how important she is to me, but i have a history of not giving a fuck which led her to believe that in a year ill just drop her as a friend all together, that im going to just go fuck up, and smoke whenever i want. how do i show her that im commited to staying sober if itll make her happy. i really cant afford to lose her. goddamn it this is the most ive worried about anything in my entire life
User avatar #159835 to #159834 - ilikethisusername ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
i think you should give her sometime as well. i mean she obviously cares about you back. maybe wait until she replies?
#159836 to #159835 - swiggityswooty (22 hours ago) [-]
she just said shes going to bed and goodnight and now im way beyond freaking out
User avatar #159837 to #159836 - ilikethisusername ONLINE (21 hours ago) [-]
as i said man, some people need time to think. give her some space. wait until tomorrow and message again. don't push her.

by pushing her, you're gonna make it worse for her and for yourself because she's gonna try to avoid you even more.

let her have her time and let her think. then tomorrow morning you can send her a message again.
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