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User avatar #7 - chisira ONLINE (07/04/2014) [-]
She's the model they based Elizabeth on, by the way.
User avatar #110 to #7 - chisira ONLINE (07/05/2014) [-]
While I appreciate the thumbs, it's pretty clear by the replies that I am actually spreading false information - my bad, guys.
#109 to #7 - anon (07/05/2014) [-]
Nope, that would be Ana Karoline, a "glamour model". Your adolescent love crush from Bioshock 3 is actually nothing even close to being fit for an intimate or romantic relationship. In real life, she's a whore.
Also, they cheated in how they made her likable, read this:
giantbomb [dot] com/profile/whatisdelicious/blog/smoke-mirrors-how-bioshock-infinite-tricks-you- int/100248/
In the game, one of the ways the developer gets you to like Elizabeth is by having her give you money. In the real world, how many women do you know who out-earn their men, who don't give a damn how much he makes or who pay for HIS dinner instead of the other way around?
#97 to #7 - anon (07/05/2014) [-]
uh.. no.
User avatar #29 to #7 - Oblivion (07/05/2014) [-]
Not quite. She was the person on the cover, but she wasn't the model for Elizabeth in-game.

#54 to #29 - anon (07/05/2014) [-]
but the link you posted even says they modeled the character after her.
#61 to #54 - anon (07/05/2014) [-]
no, the link says she was the model for the cover art, not the actual game itself
User avatar #17 to #7 - scoobynilo (07/04/2014) [-]
No, shes not, the only thing she has thats related to the game besides the amazing cosplay is that she was rewarded a picture in the cover art of the game for her cosplay...
User avatar #8 to #7 - thechosentroll (07/04/2014) [-]
Well that's just cheating.
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