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User avatar #14 - imagnetsux (10/17/2013) [-]
and at no point during those 4 days did it realize you have your own food?
User avatar #30 to #14 - hoponthefeelstrain (10/18/2013) [-]
cats do the same thing when they bring you mice and birds, sure they see you eating your own food. But they also feel like they have to "teach you" how to hunt. It's kinda cute.
User avatar #85 to #30 - imagnetsux (10/18/2013) [-]
i guess but my cat never panicked because i didn't eat the bird.
User avatar #87 to #85 - hoponthefeelstrain (10/18/2013) [-]
Because cats are evil and it'll probably just shrug if you die. In all seriousness it's probably because your cat see's you eating often but this seal is not used to seeing humans/ seeing what they eat.
User avatar #17 to #14 - sanguinemybrother (10/17/2013) [-]
Because it obviously would have seen him eating it....under the water.....where it's wet....
User avatar #19 to #17 - imagnetsux (10/17/2013) [-]
seals are mammals. they need to stick their heads up some time.
User avatar #86 to #19 - sanguinemybrother (10/18/2013) [-]
Yep, that was me forgetting it was a seal like 5 seconds after reading the content. Though it was a whale, fml.
User avatar #20 to #19 - Omegashenron (10/17/2013) [-]
Its not like it stalked him nor would it immediately understand human biology like where his mouth is and what it eats. Probably just sees him jump down every day for a while and just tries to help him out considering how large he is probably thinks of him as somewhat of an equal or something idk.
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