World War One. . wont tonight British time, World War One blackout turn the lights win your house from who fought in Worldwar One Not sure ofthis going on anywh
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World War One

wont tonight British time, World War One blackout
turn the lights win your house from who fought in Worldwar One
Not sure ofthis going on anywhere else in Europe, but forthe Brits, at least do it, dont be a cunt
e. a/' t., #1915345 -killakahn H
novembeard ofit
Basically it was awar that was being fought between 1914 and 1918 that world' s biggest countries
ea/ f., # -killakahn H Flag
i meant the light **** , you ******* birdbrained retard
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Submitted: 08/04/2014
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#1 - tinkotin (08/04/2014) [+] (36 replies)
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#7 to #5 - tinkotin (08/04/2014) [-]
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>being this retarded
#2 - Orc (08/04/2014) [+] (10 replies)
**Orc rolled image** MFW the lights go out
#40 - cloymax (08/05/2014) [+] (32 replies)
not the worst **** he's said
#6 - nibbero (08/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I've never been the same since the war...
I've never been the same since the war...
#13 - shallowandpedantic (08/04/2014) [+] (2 replies)
**shallowandpedantic rolled image** the great war
**shallowandpedantic rolled image** the great war
#16 - doctorproctor (08/04/2014) [-]
**doctorproctor rolled image** mfw world war 1
User avatar #99 - onlyonehotspur (08/05/2014) [+] (3 replies)
#83 - gowge (08/05/2014) [+] (10 replies)
I live i the uk and i had no idea we had to turn the lights off n 						****
I live i the uk and i had no idea we had to turn the lights off n ****
User avatar #15 - biscuitsunited (08/04/2014) [+] (9 replies)
...Well I didn't know about it either
I need to brush up on my history
User avatar #32 to #21 - formidableguy (08/05/2014) [-]
it was a leading official in Britain at the time who at the outbreak of war said,

"Tonight the laps around Europe are going out and I fear the light will not return in our lifetime"

The idea being that the lamps signify the idea of hope for peace being extinguished. The light's being turned of was meant to be a remembrance of the feeling of hopelessness across Europe, theres a candle that has been lit in Westminster abbey that will be kept lit for the four years or so of the duration of the war, this signifies the small light of hope of peace there was in Britain and Europe despite the hopelessness that was everywhere.
#75 - fjponythread (08/05/2014) [-]
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User avatar #73 - TheHutchie (08/05/2014) [+] (1 reply)
But wasn't it World War Two when the UK blackouts were in effect, because of, you know, the Blitz?

I don't remember hearing about German bombers and rockets taking out chunks of London during World War One.
#52 - minecraftnstuff (08/05/2014) [-]
i accidently turned on my kitchen lights for 2 seconds and i feel guilty for it.
#51 - andyyy ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
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User avatar #38 - killakahn (08/05/2014) [-]
Look it me
#136 - dronenortle ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
I declare the onlyonehotspur will now be Idiot of the week.

I request big brother admin to do the honors.
#70 - ahkmed (08/05/2014) [+] (5 replies)
#46 - sirofminorclass (08/05/2014) [+] (3 replies)
"World War I was just Europe being such a flustercuck of grudges and alliances that when Serbia turned the little crank of Austria-Hungary, it set off the whole Mouse Trap machine of alliances and by the time the little plastic man jumped into the pool, everyone was fighting everyone else." Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw 2014
#90 - chargrilledawesome ONLINE (08/05/2014) [-]
For all of those who say "Blackouts were in WWII" or "What's the point in that?", the idea was that in the darkness of a World War the light of hope was still on throughout.

The gesture also matches the words of British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, who said on the night of the 4th, just hours before Britain declared war, that "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time".
User avatar #56 - rockntroll (08/05/2014) [-]
I forgot about it. Like everybody else conveniently forgets all the other days of the year.
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