Wonka knew what he needed to do. . so mum: win we ms TO we TO manna AFTER HE TO [Milli sum Moll or HEALTH " ' mm awn tig" attr". First of all, none of the kids actually died, you see them all again at the end. They got themselves into their own messes, they didn't follow directions, and t
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#10 - iridium (11/24/2013) [-]
First of all, none of the kids actually died, you see them all again at the end. They got themselves into their own messes, they didn't follow directions, and thus there were consequences. Plus they were undeserving little ***** anyways.

Second of all, Slave Labor? The Oompa Loompas wanted to work for him for payment, which would be cacao beans, because they love cacao beans and can't usually get them. He took them in for refuge as well, as they were regularly attacked by creatures around where they lived.

Wonka was a crazy ****** , but not a sadistic one.
User avatar #25 to #10 - tronbot (11/24/2013) [-]
You didn't see them all at the end in the original. You must be 10 if you've only seen the burton version.
User avatar #37 to #25 - nightmaren (11/24/2013) [-]
The Tm Burton movie came out almost 10 years ago, so that would be pretty ******* impressive if he remembered all that **** from when he was like 2 years old.
#35 to #25 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
Read the book asshole.
User avatar #26 to #10 - herecomesjohnny (11/24/2013) [-]
i never read anything about oomp loompas being attacked.
User avatar #53 to #26 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
wonka mentions it slightly when its brought up but nothing major jsut that they cant live at their old home anymore
#27 to #10 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
calm down faggot
User avatar #36 to #10 - andovaredoras (11/24/2013) [-]
off to google i go. i need to know what happened...because i havent seen the original movie.
User avatar #42 to #36 - andovaredoras (11/24/2013) [-]
well apparently, according to what i quickly read online, in the book the kids did come out. But in the original movie that wasnt shown.
User avatar #49 to #42 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
it was shown them coming out ...iv seen the movie....you see them i think when the elevator first leaves the factory and flies
User avatar #50 to #49 - andovaredoras (11/24/2013) [-]
i know that scene from burton's version but was it in the original one as well?
User avatar #54 to #50 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
after reviewing hte movie i have to claim YES the old movie left out the part where it shows them again..the tim burton movie was more true to the book in that one way
(tho still sucked)
User avatar #52 to #50 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
concidering i despise the burton version im pretty sure i remember it ..ill check tho and get back to you on that
User avatar #48 to #10 - komandantmirkoo (11/24/2013) [-]
werent the oompa loompas in the book black pigmies who slaved away in the factory?

im really asking. i haven't read it
#21 to #10 - noschool (11/24/2013) [-]
plus they all signed that contract when the entered the facility so any trouble they got themselves into wasn't the fault of the company
User avatar #18 to #10 - desuforeverlulz (11/24/2013) [-]
>see them all again at the end

Burtonfag detected, bow before the glorious Wilder master race.
User avatar #60 to #18 - iridium (11/25/2013) [-]
I read the book and watched both versions.
User avatar #61 to #60 - desuforeverlulz (11/25/2013) [-]
Ahh, fair enough.
User avatar #32 to #18 - fastclear (11/24/2013) [-]
>Calls himself the master race
>When that movie is deplored by the author of the book
Right, tell me how "glorious" you are.
User avatar #59 to #32 - desuforeverlulz (11/25/2013) [-]
And the remake was a lot closer to the story, I know. It still kicks the remake's ass.
User avatar #16 to #10 - tackyface (11/24/2013) [-]
Yes, the slave labor part in this post is false, but he still killed the kids. In the original movie, there is no scene at the end where the kids are okay. They just die. Furthermore, after Augustus or whatever that fat ***** name is falls into the chocolate river, the rest of the convoy goes on their marry way and gets into the boat, but there are no no extra seats, meaning Wonka knew that 2 people would disappear in the first room.
User avatar #31 to #16 - milthyfoustache (11/24/2013) [-]
hey psst, I think he was talking about the book
User avatar #19 to #16 - flemsdfer ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
What are you? An infant? We never see them again in the movie so they must be dead! Hell, even in the book they're all alright. More than likely they just lacked the effects to distort the kids at the time the original movie was made so they went ahead and skipped that part.
User avatar #15 to #10 - redscorpion (11/24/2013) [-]
You're talking about Charlie and the Chocolate factory,
in the the classic Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, none of the children makes it out alive, the secret ingredient in making the best willy wonka candy is children and because charlie bucket figured it out willy wonka gave him the factory
#20 to #15 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
What?! Did we read the same story?
User avatar #22 to #20 - redscorpion (11/24/2013) [-]
In the book and the Movie with johnny depp, the children go home, but in the classic movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, the children dont
#23 to #22 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
They just didn't show them, it doesn't mean they're dead
#44 to #15 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
you never saw the original movie didnt you, you just copied that coment frlom somewhere else, charlie got the factory because he did a good deed
#4 - chewybonman has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1 - crazyolitis (11/23/2013) [-]
And he wouldn't have gotten away with it too, weren't it for those meddling children.
#2 - bobfucknmarly (11/23/2013) [-]
wonka's face when...
wonka's face when...
User avatar #24 to #2 - stealingbikes (11/24/2013) [-]
If Obama had ACTUALLY done that I would almost have a small degree of respect for him.

User avatar #46 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
the injured kids signed off a waver stating that they are liable for any damages from rule breaking (which they did)
wonka talks about his "slaves" as being willing and they seem to enjoy it so that doesnt work

now the inspections and violations yea hes probably behind on that
#8 - hillbillypowpow ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
It's like Martin Van Buren all over again.
More like Van Ruin, amirite guys?
User avatar #13 to #8 - bogdaneight ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
In fairness he inherited the results of Jackson pulling all of the government's money out of the Band of the United States.The economy wasn't his fault but he still sucked.
#57 - disasterbater (11/24/2013) [-]
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User avatar #17 - sonofpsychodad (11/24/2013) [-]
That's what the government wants you to believe.
#5 - falloutmrnewvegas (11/24/2013) [-]
**falloutmrnewvegas rolls 096,538,184**
**falloutmrnewvegas rolls 096,538,184**
#40 to #5 - loopz has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #12 to #5 - secondfunction (11/24/2013) [-]
**secondfunction rolls 100,930,995**
User avatar #56 - torgyik (11/24/2013) [-]
OSHA? OSHA is only involved in new constriction, you would not see them after a building has been built. I have worked with them many times on a job sites.
User avatar #45 - bomberbib (11/24/2013) [-]
Thats what the government wants you to think
#34 - cadenzas ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
granpda joe was the real villain in this
User avatar #38 to #34 - stokkeprygl (11/24/2013) [-]
#39 to #38 - cadenzas ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
well. in the beginning, some of the little money the family made went to buying him tobacco. then when charlie wins the golden ticket suddenly his legs decide to work. once inside the factory he does very little to care about charlies safety when he doesnt blink twice at the large waiver they sign before going on the tour. and then he convinces charlies to steal fizzy lifting drink which almost cost charlie the grand prize! and grandpa joe would have easily used the everlasting gobstopper to get revenge against wonka!
#41 to #39 - stokkeprygl (11/24/2013) [-]
good points, I guess he doesn't really do anything good at all
User avatar #47 to #41 - itemexchange (11/24/2013) [-]
theres a whole facebook page dedicated to how bad he is
User avatar #28 - runescapewasgood (11/24/2013) [-]
**runescapewasgood rolls 439**

if trips i delete my acc
User avatar #29 to #28 - runescapewasgood (11/24/2013) [-]
**runescapewasgood rolls 32**

if dubs i delete my acc
User avatar #30 to #29 - runescapewasgood (11/24/2013) [-]
**runescapewasgood rolls 2**

if 0 i delete my acc
#55 to #30 - azraelthemage (11/24/2013) [-]
**azraelthemage rolls 60** If dubs, you delete your account.
#51 to #30 - tsaotermaster (11/24/2013) [-]
**tsaotermaster rolls 50** if dubs, you delete your account.
User avatar #33 to #30 - WinnerofTheGame ONLINE (11/24/2013) [-]
**WinnerofTheGame rolls 96** hurr durr if 78 you delete your account
#43 to #33 - anon (11/24/2013) [-]
**anonymous rolls 79** So what would I do?
User avatar #58 to #43 - yunnie (11/24/2013) [-]
**yunnie rolls 40** if dubs **** on the street while people are watching
User avatar #7 - KINGOFTHESTARS (11/24/2013) [-]
who did he kill?
#6 - facepalmftw (11/24/2013) [-]
OSHA violations? Dude its in ******* London. Get your facts right.
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